10 myths about braces

Each owner of a non-ideal smile, sooner or later, contemplates braces. However, not all of them are installed. More often than not – because of the myths around which these orthodontic designs are more than necessary. We gathered the most common of them and tried to figure out – where is the truth, and where just excuses.

1. Myth: Braces destroy the enamel of teeth

The fact: the orthodontic designs themselves do not harm the teeth. If a patient chooses a professional orthodontist and watches hygiene of the oral cavity he will not have any negative consequences from wearing braces. Braces are fixed to a special material that produces fluorine. The place where the braces were will never be hit by a caries

2. Myth: Braces are for children and adolescents only

The fact: Toothbrush leveling is never too late. Today, there are no age limits in orthodontics. It is possible to put braces as in 15 years and so in 50. However, it is necessary to know that with age to move the teeth harder and longer. Although everything depends on the patient and the features of his body.

3. Myth: It is very difficult to take care of braces

The fact: caring for braces is really easy. The main thing is to carry out all the instructions of the orthodontist, to go in time to examine, to clean the teeth in good faith, and once every two or three months to carry out professional cleaning in the dental office.

4. Myth: Orthodontic constructions cause allergic reactions

Fact: modern bracket systems are made from special hypoallergenic materials, which include titanium, which is generally considered to be non-allergenic metal. Even braces arc make hypoallergenic.

5. Myth: Braces are a very painful pleasure

Fact: Every individual is individual and each patient has a different pain threshold. A slight pain or discomfort may be felt by the patient for the first few days after bracing fixation. And already days after 10 brackets in general cease disturbing their owner.

6. Myth: Braces require special nutrition

Fact: all can be eaten, but small pieces. Of course, in my menu you need to limit the amount of sticky, hard, cold and hot products. Although there are many devices and devices that make it easier to care for oral hygiene while wearing braces.

7. Myth: Braces are ugly

Fact: Braces do not spoil the appearance, they just change the image slightly. Now there are many bracket systems for every taste. Technologies have been so advanced that orthodontic treatment can be generally unobtrusive. In addition to the usual metal brackets we now have designs of ceramics, plastic and even sapphire. There are braces that fix on the inside of the teeth, these are lingual braces.

8. Myth: Braces need to be carried unrealistically long

Fact: The time of wearing braces is really long: from one to three years. But the first changes can be seen in a few weeks. And with each passing month, patients are increasingly surprised and rejoicing at how their teeth become smooth and beautiful.

9. Myth: Braces only improve the aesthetics of the face

Fact: Incorrect bite is not only a cosmetic defect. The teeth of a person must close smoothly and separate the chewing load among themselves. If the teeth are uneven, then some of them are understated, while others are overloaded, this leads to uneven wear of the enamel. The teeth that are not properly located are difficult to clean, which in the future will lead to the emergence of caries. And also doctors proved that the wrong bite – generates wrinkles, makes the chin difficult, and lips – narrow.

10. Myth: Braces interfere with personal life

Fact: Today, braces are not something unusual and rare. On the contrary, today they are beautiful and stylish. Especially since health care is always fashionable. And if you are worried, do you like braces for your second half, ask yourself at first: who should be next to you – a confident and happy man with braces or a man with a bunch of complexes and crooked teeth?

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