8 myths about dental implants

Implant is an artificial titanium root that is implanted in the jawbone. It is used to replace missing teeth. After a while, the implant is «worn» with a crown and – voila: you again chew your food without problems and smile! At the same time – all neighboring teeth are not loaded and stored. And if you are also responsible for your health – implants will serve you all your life! Among the population there are many myths regarding this procedure. And to confirm or dispel them, we talked with Vladimir Akhramchuk, the chief doctor of «Sushayasnoi Semeynoi Stomatologii». For 8 years he has been engaged exclusively in implantation, during this time the implantologist has established more than 2000 titanium roots.

  1. Myth: dental implants in many people do not take root

Fact: If the implant is properly selected and the doctor has determined the correct diagnosis – problems with engraftment can not. If this is the case, then there may be two reasons: 1) the doctor incorrectly picked up the implant; 2) the patient did not follow the doctor’s recommendations. «After implantation, the patient should rest and not lead a normal lifestyle: often people think that immediately after installing the implants, you can eat tables and spoons,» says Vladimir Akhramchuk.

  1. Myth: Implants can only be installed immediately after a tooth loss

Fact: of course, it is better to install implants immediately after tooth loss. When we remove the tooth and immediately install the implant visually in the future, the crown can not be distinguished from “our” teeth. The aesthetics of such implants are at a high level. After 5–10 years, after the absence of teeth, it is possible to put implants, but to restore aesthetics is more difficult and longer.

  1. Myth: Dental implants are contraindicated in people with diabetes mellitus

Fact: dental implantation is possible for any diseases. If a patient has diabetes mellitus, but he wants implants, we agree with them that he leads sugar to the norm and supports it for the rest of his life. For such patients, implants are a stimulating factor for ongoing health care.

  1. Myth: Implants can have a negative impact on the human body

Fact: dentistry does not stand still. For forty years of practice, the procedure for establishing dental implants has become routine and has no risks. During implantation, neighboring teeth are not damaged, they are not sawed and fixed on them no plates. This method of treatment is the most successful among other possible alternatives to the replacement of missing teeth.

  1. Myth: Installing implants is very painful

Fact: during the operation, doctors use modern anesthesia, so there is no pain.

  1. Myth: Dental implants make pronunciation difficult

Fact: implants, on the contrary, help to make the language more precise: A dental implant with a crown fills an empty space through which some sounds are hard for a person to pronounce. Also, during a conversation, a person begins to feel confident – he knows that the recovered tooth will not fall out. The patient disappears complexes – he does not hesitate to talk and laugh, because he knows that his teeth look 100%.

  1. Myth: It is very difficult to take care of dental implants

Fact: according to the dental implants established, care should be the same as with other teeth. Ideally, everyone should use a conventional toothbrush and paste, preferably the patient also had an electric toothbrush, floss, brush and a yerge. If a person thoroughly conducts oral hygiene – he will not have any problems with the implanted implants.

  1. Myth: Dental implants are very expensive

The fact: the installation of implants is more expensive than other «substitutes» for missing teeth, but with proper care, their expiration date is lifelong. Therefore, it is better to invest money in your health once and be sure that it will reduce costs in the future and will not let you worry that in a few decades you will not have anything to chew on.

In «Sochasniy Semeniyi Stomatologii», the implantation surgery is carried out in a separate surgical room according to European standards, using only proven implant systems that have a guarantee from the manufacturer and dentistry.

If you still have questions about the implantation of teeth – we are happy to provide an exhaustive consultation. For detailed information please contact the clinic.