A gap between the teeth: a flaw or a brand?

A gap between the front teeth is one of the most common aesthetic defects. This trait is often inherent in children and usually disappears with age, so only 20% of adults have it. Some dream to get rid of the space between the teeth and call the phenomenon «a mistake of nature», others are proud of it. We propose you to find out why the gap appears, how to remove it and whether it should be done at all.

The causes of the gap between the teeth

The scientific name of the phenomenon is diastema, this defect can be true or false. The last one is common for children, it appears because of the early loss of milk teeth. Such gaps disappear naturally over time. The true diastems that remained after the appearance of a full set of teeth can be cured only with the help of a dentist. The very same phenomenon occurs when the bridle of the upper lip is attached too low. Other common causes are: heredity, the lack of chewing teeth, the habit of gnawing nails, a pen or other objects, the anomalous size and shape of the lateral incisors, etc.

How to get rid of the gap

There are several ways to remove the defect. You can either cover your teeth with the veneers (ceramic plates), or tight them with the braces. The last mentioned process takes much more time, but it is more painless for the dental tissue and qualitative. However, this way to remove the gap is more suitable for the teenagers in the period of active growth of the jaw. The teeth of an adult will lean back through the braces, what can become a new aesthetic problem. It is also possible to build up the walls of the teeth with the help of their artistic restoration or use a transparent kappa.

The danger of a gap and the significance of this feature

The gap is a cosmetic «flaw», therefore it usually does not carry any threat. Unless the space between the front teeth is too long, then pronunciation defects can occur. People more and more often turn to specialists with the request to artificially create the extra space between the teeth with the help of their filing. The gap is called an element that gives a person charm, is the “brand” of the image. Diastemes have long been endowed with a mystical meaning: their owners are usually considered lucky and purposeful people who have the potential to become famous. A lot of celebrities of a world scale are proud of this feature. Among them: Madonna, Elton John, Elijah Wood, Vanessa Paradis and Brigitte Bardot. It is worth remembering that the gap has been a popular trend in the modeling business for a long time: its owners can be easily found on the pages of fashionable glosses or be seen on the shows of eminent couturiers. Therefore, to be proud of the gap between the teeth, or to consider it a disadvantage – this is the question of a one’s taste and aesthetics, rather than obeying the ideals that society is obsessed with.