Are toothpastes with fluoride safe?

Nowadays you can increasingly hear the statement that fluoride contained in toothpastes destroys our teeth and damages the body from the inside. Of course, this chemical element in its purest form is a poison. But its safe compounds – fluorides – are used to clean the oral cavity. We asked Yulia Kuchinskaya, the doctor of the «Suashnoi Semeynoi Stomatologii», whether fluorine is really harmful and whether it is worth using pastes in which there is this substance.

Yulia Kuchinskaya

Why do you need fluids?

First of all, the compounds of this element are widely used in oral cleaning products because they have important beneficial properties. Under the influence of fluoride, not only it restores the enamel, but it also leads to decrease of the sensitivity of teeth. Moreover, it not only destroys harmful bacteria, but also prevents the appearance of caries. Fluoride repairs the damaged areas of the tooth, so a common disease simply “dies in the bud.”

What is fluoride useful for the human body?

In fact, the fact that fluoride is a poison in any concentration and under any conditions is a common myth, as is the danger of eating products with GMOs. On the contrary, the lack of this element in the human body leads to various diseases. 2-3 mg of fluoride is a necessary daily dose, as the substance is involved not only in the formation of tooth enamel and bones, but also stimulates the circulatory system and immunity. Element is in the composition of fish (especially cod and catfish), apples, nuts, liver and especially in water. And as you know, these products are healthy and necessary for the normal functioning of the human body.

Should I be afraid of fluorinated toothpastes?

The real problem is industrial fluoride, which is manufactured without observing the necessary technical standards, when it’s getting into the body in extremely large doses during a long period of time (10-15 years). Perhaps the only problem with the use of fluorine-containing pastes in everyday life is the emergence of endemic fluorosis. This defect is cosmetic and can easily be recognized by specific white spots on the teeth, which are often confused with caries. The problem is quite easy to solve by contacting the dentist and stopping the use of fluoride-containing oral cleaners.

Who is contraindicated with fluoride?

Laboratory experiments have proven that the use of toothpastes that contain tin fluorides (the optimum amount is 1450 ppm) is absolutely safe, provided that the concentration of the substance is not excessive, and the element itself is stabilized with the necessary additives. But we must remember that such tools for cleaning teeth are not recommended for children and people prone to fluorosis. In addition, it is better to consult a dentist before starting their use.