Art restoration of teeth. Excellence over seals and crowns

Alexandra, 22 years old. She is a student, often communicating with friends, loves different parties. But because of the seals on the front teeth, which are very noticeable – complex. Rarely smiles, almost does not selfie. Finally, Sasha said “Stop” and signed up for a consultation with a dentist – she asked the doctor to make sure that the seals were invisible and at a low price. This option as veneers or crowns – while she can not afford. The doctor advised the girl direct artistic restoration.
Direct restoration of teeth – the dentist models and repairs the destroyed tooth in the patient’s mouth. (Restores color, removes old fillings, removes crevices between teeth, builds a broken tooth, etc.). This is a very laborious job, where the dentist is not only a doctor, but an artist and a sculptor.
Indirect restoration of teeth – in the process of working involved a doctor and a dental technician. This restoration is done for several visits to the doctor, and crowns or veneers are made in special laboratories.
We asked Vladislav Futoymas about the peculiarities of indirect restoration at the doctor’s «Suasnoi Semeynoi Stomatologii».


Art restoration of teeth is a whole art! We do not just repair the damaged tooth, but we achieve exact coincidence of the shape and color of the tooth. Restoration procedure – fast, comfortable and painless! We use reliable and safe composite materials.

Art restoration has a number of advantages over seals and crowns. Namely:

1) Short time to restore the tooth in comparison with the crown, which is made in the laboratory for 10 days. The procedure of restoration can be carried out for one, a maximum of two visits.
2) If something happens to the crown – it needs to be completely replaced.
 f something happens to art restoration, then it is easy to restore it in the armchair of a doctor, the cleavage is restored in 20-30 minutes.
3) Compared with crowns or veneers – it is much cheaper.
4) Absolutely safe way of updating tissues – the tooth does not need to be grinded, the neighboring teeth – too are not damaged.
5) Sometimes patients come with a significant tooth defect, which can not be restored with the help of seals. And here we are also helped by artistic restoration.
6) During art restoration we use a large number of shades of materials. And with this help we can completely restore the natural color of the tooth. And if the patient looks at the seal – then he sees it. Art restoration on his tooth, he will never
7) Durable materials allow after the restoration of the front teeth to eat solid foods.

Patient feedback:

Yana model: It is very important for each model to have a good smile, and my dentist helps me in this. For me, it is important that the teeth are not just an injury, but also that there was a beautiful smile – so that the fillers were invisible. Because beautiful photos are obtained only when I smile at them. Thanks to the doctor of «Suasnoi Semeynoi Stomatologii» Vladislav Futoymasu my teeth are perfect.