Baby teeth: everything that mothers should know

From the proper care of baby teeth depends not only the health of the child, but also the possibility of permanent teeth diseases. We suggest you to learn some of the finer points of caring for the baby’s first teeth, on which beauty of the child’s future smile depends.

 Nutrition is the key to success

The milk tooth is very vulnerable after the incision, so there is a big risk of «getting» dental diseases due to the active multiplication of bacteria. This process is accelerated if the baby does not eat as recommended by the pediatrician. Some of the main components of a healthy diet of the child are dairy products, fish and fresh juices.

Since the teeth are inextricably linked with the speech device, their diseases directly affect the development of the child in this area. Therefore, do not neglect the health of baby teeth, since it is with them that the baby learns to correctly pronounce sounds.

 Pastes for children aren’t the toys

First of all, special means for oral care for children differ from «adult» analogs in their composition. In order to cleanse the baby’s teeth without pain, special soft abrasive particles are placed in them. Another very important element for the formation of strong and healthy teeth is fluoride. And pay attention to the packaging, which shows the approximate age of the child for which the paste is designed . For example, those with the mark «up to 6» or «4 7 years» have a minimum content of fluoride, which is optimal for the child’s body. Another plus of the pastas for children is that they have a pleasant taste and smell, which lure the child to brush his teeth. But the parents should always remember not to forget to explain to the baby that toothpastes can not be eaten.

 When should the child start brushing his teeth?

The answer is simple with the appearance of the first milk tooth. The parents should do this in the beginning and only then, at the age of about 3 3.5 years, the child is ready to clean teeth on his own. The process of learning this «skill» should be taken responsibly, everything should be done step by step, starting from training on the doll and ending with a detailed explanation of what exactly needs to be cleaned. It is necessary to focus attention on the proper rinsing of the oral cavity «before» and «after» brushing the teeth. The main thing is not to force the child to brush his teeth, but to teach him to care for his health and cleanliness of his teeth in the form of a game.