Baby teeth. Tips dentist

«There is no teeth – no problem» – I heard from a mother experienced when our dichyntsi was 3 months. I think: “Our baby does not sleep at night, just walking on his hands, always capricious, often sick, but here – some frightening teeth!”.


But the problems really started, but not because of the baby, and after turbotlyh grandmothers. With six months they actively undertook our food. One screams – do not let your child chew on an apple – because vdavytsya other – let eats and gets used to solid food! One – interrupt mush blender, another – mash tovkmachkoyu. And celebrated rochok, the war started on a pacifier and bottle! One says – let sucks, there she is only 6 teeth unhappy and the other screaming: «Everything was gone – a baby lisp and go from crooked teeth!»

We turned to the doctor qualification category 1 orthodontist Tamara Vyacheslavovna Ahramchuk to it judged our grandmothers. And also taught us that do to our child “not shepelyavyla” and always had a beautiful smile.

Tips orthodontist young parents

Say «yes» – carrots, apples and bagels!

Unfortunately, 90% of children – pathology bite. The most common problem – the accumulation teeth. This happens when the teeth are cut large and seats on jaw missing. This is often due to the fact that the child is not loads of teeth-jaw system jaw and no motivation for growth. For soft enough food and a small jaw. Children need to load solid food. Let your child eat what she likes. Do not force to eat carrots if she does not like it, but hard about what she relishes – eating pears or apples – let him eat whole, instead of cleansing and cut into pieces.

Parents often complain that the child is lazy to chew, «We give her to eat, but where it happens a piece of meat, she does not want prezhovuvat and spits». The reason is often that the child hurts a clove or nedolikovanyy he may cut a clove or some swinging. If it does not pay attention, the baby is formed habit – chewing on one side, which further lead to problems with bite.

Keep the child goes and sits

Of great importance in pathology bite has setup. If the child, such as sitting incorrectly at school every day for 6 hours, then bite into it can not be normal. Here goes a continuous connection between the spine and teeth–jaw system.

Make sure that your schoolchild is not leaning over the table and do not lay on the desk. If the child zsutulena, in her upper jaw is much higher. As she arches spine – just bend and jaw. Need to keep up to the child’s shoulders were evenly loaded, so thoroughly Choose your baby backpack.

Ahramchuk Tamara Vyacheslavovna

Do not be lazy to brush baby teeth

As soon as the first child cut a clove, mom should clean it (wind on her finger bint thus it clean). Fruits and Lures already contain acids that can affect tooth enamel. In cloves remain plaque, which can lead to tooth decay.

When children grow up, they need to teach yourself to brush teeth twice a day. We somehow learned to care for teeth before bed and after waking. But now dentists are prone to what is necessary to clean the teeth after breakfast and before bed always.

Beforehand Identify bad habits

1. Long–term use of breast milk or sucking nipples

Now there is a fashion for as long as breastfeeding. Even pediatricians disagree to what age the child necessary milk. But the teethjaw system enough to feed the baby breast half. All above – is wrong. If the jaw is always in the same position in sostsi or pacifier mother, teeth can prorizatysya correctly and incorrectly formed bite.


2. Sleep whit open mouth

If kids breathe during sleep open mouth – is also a habit. It can be caused by some disease, so you need to see a doctor Laura. The child may be adenoids, or frequent prosudni disease because of which it is difficult to breathe.

If it’s just a habit, you need to wean from it. Periodically remind: «Close your mouth», invent games where kids must be with a closed mouth. Over time, the child learns to breathe correctly.

3. Kid takes some objects or mouth chewing nails

During the day a baby can take various items in his mouth: schoolchild often bite and suck pens pencils. Kids Preschool is open to the mouth – the TV remote or a piece of blanket. Often children suck fingers and gnaw your nails, and then my mother shouting: «Yes, I told you these fingers bran, Stop biting his nails». The result – the child hiding under the covers, but equally continues to gnaw.

This behavior is often caused by stress, so the baby behaves when experiencing psychological discomfort.

Parents need to find the cause of this – perhaps your child scared by it or something very nervous. At this time, no need to shout at the child, and should support it. Often, this happens when the second child is born family – over lack of attention, and it is in this way it compensates. If the child is 6 to 8 years, mainly all problems can be solved miofunctional gym, massage teeth correct, set the direction of growth. So we always emphasize: «Bring children to the routine inspection!». Better still identify the problem, then faster and easier to solve! But it is better to understand that there are no problems and enjoy the beautiful smile of your child!