Braces: orthodontic construction and fashionable accessory

Braces are a trivial everyday gadget that has created almost all the famous Hollywood smiles. Now they have grown from the orthodontic device which fixes the bite into a piece of style, a “jolly” and even a trendy trifle. We offer you to learn more about the purpose, the convenience of everyday life and the evolution of the appearance of the braces.

 How does it work?

 The first such construction appeared in 1776. The French physician Foshar Pierre tied the patient’s teeth to the metal plate with a flagella. Since then, the principle of the means has not changed. The main purpose of the braces is to do the load on the complex of fabrics framing the tooth (paradont), so that the tooth row spread out or shifted.

 Does it hurt?

 Since the mucous membrane of the oral cavity is very tender and sensitive, the first days with the braces you can feel discomfort. The presence of pain also depends on the person himself: someone actually does not notice the orthodontic design, while others take in painkillers. The main rule for those who wear braces is to be attentive and to take care of them. It is better not to eat solid food and foods that can get stuck in your teeth (lollipops, nuts, hard meat). Teeth need to be cleaned for 10 minutes after each meal, in addition, not later than 15 minutes after the consuming of food. Proper hygienic care is a guarantee of the expected result.

 What does it look like?

 Modern braces have long ceased from being scary gigantic devices that we’ve seen in the movie about Willie Wonka. If desired, they can even be built in secretly – there are orthodontic constructions, which are attached to the inner side of the teeth. There are braces made of titanium, gold or steel – for every taste and wallet. Sapphire and ceramic braces are a good choice for those who dare to leave the treatment unnoticed. These constructions are close to the colour of the teeth and do not fall into the eye. Multicoloured plastic devices are a trendy trifle in recent years. Such braces can become a calling card of any fashionista.

 So, even if you were not born with the perfect smile that looks «like in commercial» there’s no trouble. There are many ways to imperceptibly, painlessly and even creatively correct the bite.