Caries: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

And you knew, that for today the most widespread illness is caries! 95% of people all over the world have seals in their teeth. Such information was spread by the World Health Organization. What is caries? How does it develop and how to treat it read below.


Caries is not only black speckles on teeth

The word «caries» is synonymous with «rotten». Dental caries is a gradual destruction of enamel and dentin hard tooth tissues. Dangerous caries in that it is not accompanied by pain. If it is not treated on time then soon it will lead to pulpitis and periodontitis these dental diseases are very unpleasant and painful. The most dangerous is caries, which develops between the teeth it’s hard to notice, and very often it hits two teeth at once!

Caries is the result of untreated teeth

Causes of caries:

1) dental plaque, which is formed by saliva, bacteria and microbes. Bacteria «eat» carbohydrates and secrete acids, which destroy the enamel and form cavities in the teeth. It is worth remembering that caries begins with the appearance of a small dark spot – if you notice it in time and consult a doctor – it is easy to cure.

2) Products with a high content of «fast» carbohydrates: cakes, confectionery, carbonated drinks.

3) Individual features of the body: the placement of teeth, the composition of saliva and bacterial flora, genetic predisposition.


Caries is not inherited! But: women should remember that already in the mother’s womb, the baby forms enamel. Premature births, disorders of mineral metabolism, infectious diseases that were in the mother during pregnancy, can result from a weak enamel in the child.

Caries is transmitted from person to person!

Mutating streptococcus are bacteria that live in dental plaque and cause caries: they process food residues and secrete acids. These bacteria are transmitted by the household way: through a common dish, or a kiss.

How to prevent the appearance of caries?

– Take care of the oral hygiene daily. Brush your teeth twice a day: after breakfast and before bedtime. In the arsenal of each person should be a brush (usual and preferably electric), pasta, rinse, floss, irreguator, brush.

– Reduce the consumption of carbonated drinks and foods that contain a lot of harmful carbohydrates.

– Do not eat in the evening, after you have already brushed your teeth.

– Visit the dentist at least twice a year.

– Twice a year in the dental office, carry out professional cleaning with the Air Flow device. With such cleansing, plaque, stone and harmful bacteria are removed from the teeth.

If you notice tooth decay on your teeth contact a doctor immediately! Do not let a small black speck completely destroy your tooth and inflict severe pain on you! For consultation or treatment, our doctors can make an appointment online or by phone, which are listed below.

Always smile and be healthy!