Caries in children: whether it is necessary to treat?

Some parents are sure that the milk teeth do not need to be treated. «They will fall out anyway, and new ones will grow in their place. Why traumatize a child and spend money on it?», we have heard from dads and mothers more than once. However, the teeth must be treated! And they need to be carefully looked after! Why? we suggest to find out.

What is dangerous caries of baby teeth?

Although the milk teeth are temporary, they are the foundation for permanent teeth. They affect the development of the jaws and «point» to the permanent teeth a place for eruption. If the milk tooth falls before its time, the permanent tooth remains without a reference and can grow crookedly.

Parents should know that caries on the milk tooth can «infect» a permanent tooth, which already erupts under it. Damaged tooth deciduous teeth can cause a malocclusion in the child.

Caries moves quickly from one tooth to the other. Infected with tooth decay is a focus of infection, disrupt digestion and bring a lot of discomfort to the child. If you do not treat a sick tooth, then the black point can go into a purulent process: the child will feel severe pain, his cheek swells, the temperature rises. As a consequence, the tooth of the permanent tooth can stop growing, or completely collapse.

Milky teeth, as well as permanent teeth, have a root and a nervous system. If the infection affects the nerve, the infant’s denticle hurts as much as the patient’s permanent tooth.

Caries is also dangerous because it not only destroys children’s teeth, but also provokes other diseases: gastritis, joint diseases, various allergies, heart and kidney diseases. Milk teeth must be treated! And it’s even better to take care of them properly. Illness is easier to prevent than to treat later!

Here are some tips on how to preserve the beauty and health of your baby’s daughters and daughters:

1. Do not let a child after a year drink from a bottle there is a possibility of developing a «bottle» caries.

2. Limit the child’s use of sweets and juice.

3. At all do not give at night, or before a dream juice or compote.

4. With the advent of the first teeth, the baby already needs to be cleaned.

5. In the children’s diet, enter dairy products, especially cottage cheese.

6. Twice a year, show the child to the dentist.

7. If you notice a dark or yellow spot on the tooth on the tooth, immediately write it to the dentist.