Decorations on teeh: is it safe and beautiful?

The variety of decoration for a tooth has been not just a fashion trend, but a popular attribute, inherent as to secular ladies, as to brutal rappers for a long time. Now such cosmetic procedures are accessible not only to the stars and the rich, but also to ordinary people. We offer you 4 original accessories that will not only decorate your teeth, but will also become a real highlight of the image.

 1.Skies: Jewelry made of crystals

This cute little trifle is made using computer technology, out of polishing crystal to perfect brilliance. Doctor uses a special colorless substance called the bond to fix the skies on the tooth.

 The decoration is extremely thin, so any pieces of food don’t cling to it. The skies weight nearly 0,1 grams, so they do not bother the teeth. In addition, such unusual accessories do not require special care, and don’t spoil the enamel and can easily be removed by a specialist.