Dental and pregnancy. What is important to remember

The fact that pregnant women should be sure to visit the reception at the dentist every woman knows. This is due to hormonal changes in women, which may entail for the irreversible consequences associated with the health of the same tooth. If you have tooth decay – it should be immediately cured and seal the place of its occurrence. Because if in the normal state of your cavities can grow sluggish over the years, in a state of heightened hormonal thing it is already underway on a month – to the complete destruction of the tooth!
The only thing that is not recommended during pregnancy, it is worn on the teeth braces for aligning the dentition. This procedure itself is generally not harmful and brings only benefits and beauty. But if you return to the same hormonal background, it affects tooth enamel and brackets are attached to the enamel – if it is not going into deeper details to explain the “fingers”. The fact is that every woman goes through the pregnancy differently. One can go to the “pressure” and the tooth enamel, the other is not, and it can be worn braces. But why take the risk? Predict the same is 100% is not possible...

And it’s all?

Unfortunately no! Not all expectant mothers realize that the lack of banal caries, it is still not a 100% guarantee of oral health! The insidious problem plaguing a large number of pregnant women – periodontitis. It is a disease which develops “root of all evil,” not on the teeth and gums. Causes them bleeding, and as a consequence, to the loosening of teeth, hair loss (in most feared and neglected forms) or curvature of the dentition. By the time of birth 90% of women do not monitor the health of the oral cavity, are suffering from this disease.
But what is terrible for advanced forms of periodontitis pregnant? Gingvitom! A gingvit is the cause of a purulent focus of infection in the oral cavity. Which leads to treatment with strong antibiotics, which are of no benefit to your unborn baby.

So, ladies, if you are planning to become pregnant, or may be, pregnant at the moment, do not delay the trip to the dentist. Even if you have, for the moment, the healthiest teeth in the world! In time take care of their health and, as a consequence, on the health of their child.