Dental Implantation in Cherkasy

UAH 4900 – 30000

When one looses a tooth or more it goes not only about a cosmetic flaw but about deterioration of the chewing function, complicated oral hygiene and shifting of healthy teeth towards the defect. Let alone the full absence of teeth! The optimal cure for these problems is dental implantation.

The procedure involves the installation of an artificial implant which is similar in shape to a tooth root and is made of high-quality non-allergenic medical grade titanium.

Stages of Implantation at «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia»

Dental implantation process is rather laborious and serious. It is involves several stages:

  • Planning. Comprehensive examination of the oral cavity. Diagnostics in the form of CT. Development of several treatment options. Cost and warranties discussion. Choosing the optimal treatment plan.
  • Surgical stage. Surgical operation on the implant base implantation. The procedure is painless and relatively quick/
  • Abutment installation. Attachment of the so-called abutment constituting a link between the implant and the crown.
  • Prosthetic stage. Attachment of the crown to the abutment. There is a choice of different crowns in the clinic and you can choose the one which suits yo best.

If the conditions for the future implantation are insufficient the surgeon performs additional operations on building up the bone tissue, open and closed sinus lifting, as necessary.

To facilitate healing of tissues affected by the surgery, reduce pain and oedema, and accelerate the bone tissue recovery an A-PRF procedure (application of the patient’s blood plasma in the form of membranes) is used. The PRF-membranes are used also for periodontitis, tooth mobility, bone grafting, and osteosynthesis.

All surgical procedures in the «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» Clinic are conducted in a separate surgical room, according to European standards, using only proven implant systems, and as painlessly as possible.

Consult with our specialists about the implantation services suitable for you. The dentists of the clinic consider each case on an individual basis, carefully examine the patient choosing the most appropriate method of treatment.

Perfect smile is a reality.

Perfect smile – it is a reality!