Dental implants: all for and against

Are you ashamed to smile and communicate? Has it become difficult to bite and chew food? Other healthy teeth also began to deteriorate? And this is all due to the loss of one or more teeth?! Enough! You deserve the best! Today, one of the safest and most reliable methods for restoring lost teeth is implantation! We suggest you to find out what it is and what it is

A dental implant is a screw (pin), which is surgically placed in the jaw in place of the missing tooth. Subsequently, the implant becomes a bone and there is a good base for the crown. Implants are made from bioinert titanium alloys and other materials that are well suited to the human body.

For many years implants have been used by patients of all ages throughout the world. Titanium roots can replace one or more teeth, and can also support a partial or full denture.

Stages of implantation:

With the help of implants, you can quickly and reliably replace missing teeth. Crowns installed on the implants are practically the same as the real tooth, they have high functionality and aesthetics. However, one should know that implantation is an operation that should be performed only by a qualified doctor in a specially equipped office. Therefore, this issue must be approached seriously.

Usually, the implant implantation operation is performed by the dentist surgeon implantologist in several stages:

1) Planning, which contains such procedures as:

Complex examination of the oral cavity: the doctor conducts a patient’s examination, identifies the causes of possible complications or even contraindications to the operation.

Diagnostics in the form of computed tomography.

Preparation of several treatment options by the doctor. Discussion with the patient of the cost and guarantees.

Selection of the optimal treatment plan for the patient.

2) Surgical stage. Surgery to implant the base of the implant in the jaw bone. This stage is absolutely painless and fast.

3) Establishing an abutment. The implant (titanium pin) fixes the abutment – the connecting link between the implant and the crown.

4) Orthopedic stage. The doctor fixes the dental crown on the abutment. Usually in professional dentistry there is a choice of different crowns, and the patient himself can choose which is better suited for price and quality.

Advantages of implants

1) With proper care, implants are durable!

2) When installing implants, you do not need to damage (grind) healthy adjacent teeth.

3) Implants do not resolve over time and do not deform. They are made of a material that is not harmful to the human body, therefore such symptoms as headache, changes in the face oval, bite dilation – 100% can not be!

4) Implant with a crown can not be distinguished from a real tooth!

5) With the help of implants, you can install a denture on the entire jaw – it will be natural and beautiful.

6) After installing the implants, patients can again chew solid food and do not feel any discomfort.

7) The patient does not feel that he has an artificial tooth in his mouth – there is no presence of a foreign body.

8) Implant takes a serious load and thereby unloads adjacent teeth.

9) Implants prevent mobility of other teeth.

10) Do not require special care the usual brushing of teeth twice a day and a professional one every few months will be enough for their long service to their owner.

11) Only the implant can stop the process of destruction of bone tissue in the place of the missing tooth, because it starts to load the bone again.

12) The crowns on the implants are securely fixed and capable of withstanding a heavy load.

13) If necessary, the crown can be replaced.

14) To date, there is a large selection of implantation techniques, implants and crowns so the patient can choose whatever he likes and «can afford».

15) 98% of that implants will get accustomed.

16) The implant installation operation is painless and does not require much time.

17) Implants are easy to use you do not need to get them to perform any hygiene procedures.

Implant disadvantages:

1) Costly procedure. However, with proper care, the shelf life is for life.

2) Implantation is an operative intervention. The patient may feel pain and certain discomfort within a few days after the operation.

3) If there is not enough bone tissue for implantation, it needs to be increased. This is not a very pleasant procedure.

4) The process of fusion of bone tissue with an implant takes time.

5) There is a probability (2%) that the implant will not get accustomed. But if the implant is properly selected, the doctor has correctly diagnosed, and the patient adhered to all the recommendations – problems with engraftment should not be.

In «Suchasnii Simeinii stomatologii» surgery with implantation is conducted by the chief physician of the clinic, surgeon-implantologist Vladimir Akhramchuk. For eight years he has been engaged exclusively in implantation and during this time has installed more than 2,000 implants. During the operation, the doctor uses only the best proven implant systems and conducts operations on all European standards.

If you have any questions regarding implantation, please call us at the numbers below. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Have a good mood! A radiant smile and healthy teeth! Take care of yourself – you are alone!