Dental implants. Interview of the lead implantologist and patient comments

According to official statistics, every third Ukrainian at the age of 25 already has one or two teeth missing, in 50 years does not have a half of teeth, and in 70 it remains practically toothless. On the quality of a smile, Ukraine at the last places in the world – the so-called index DMFT (the ratio of lost, abandoned and sealed teeth). Ukraine was behind Belarus, India and Zimbabwe, worse things except in Macedonia and Gabon. The best teeth of the Danes, Germans and Singaporeans, – reported

Ukrainians do not treat teeth in time, and only then, when there is not, what to treat and nothing to chew food, try to catch up and look for ways to restore teeth. Vladimir Akhramchuk, the head physician of the “Suasnoi Semeynoi Stomatology”, the leading implant surgeon told how today it is possible to smile and feel the real taste of food without problems.

VLADIMIR AHRAMCHUK: You can replace one or more missing teeth with a variable prosthesis, bridges or implants. In our clinic we prefer implantation.

A dental implant is a screw that is implanted with surgical methods into the jaw in place of the missing tooth. Implant subsequently becomes a bone and becomes a reliable support for further tooth. Implants are made of bioinert materials that are safe for the human body.

The main advantages of dental implants is that:

1) with proper care they are durable;

2) when implantation is not necessary to grind adjacent teeth;

3) the tooth on the implant has the appearance of the present, and the patient feels it like his own;

4) the implant begins to load the bone again, so only it can stop the process of destruction of bone tissue in the place of the missing tooth;

5) the implant installation operation is painless and does not require much time.

Stages of implantation:

In order to get a tooth on the implant it is necessary to go through several stages:

1) First the patient comes to us for advice, the doctor conducts a full review, determines what contraindications the patient has.

2) We conduct a thorough diagnosis.

3) We plan the operation,

4) Implant the implant. The operation is quick and painless. During the procedure, we use special anesthetics that relieve all pain.

4) Fix the implant abutment, which is the link between the implant and the crown.

5) Select and fix the crown. And from us the patient is already going with his tooth!

After the implantation operation, it is necessary to follow the simple recommendations:

– Avoid contact with the operating zone, that is, do not touch the place where the implant was implanted.

– For the first seven days after the operation, use soft food.

– Limit physical activity.

– Do not overcool and do not overheat.

– Use drugs that the doctor prescribed.

In the «Suhadniy Semei stomatologii» surgery for implantation is carried out in a separate surgical hall according to all European standards. During the procedure, doctors use only proven and reliable implant systems. The administrators of the clinic call the patient for a week and are interested in his state of health.

Patient feedback:


One day I walked through the city and saw the sign «Suhchastna Semeyna Stomatologiya». I think, well, if «family», then I need to go there. Only I crossed the threshold, I was greeted politely by the girls-administrators, and I realized that this is my clinic. And when I was given the time and date to visit the doctor, I sat in a chair and the doctor examined my mouth and said that I need to do implantation and gum augmentation. It was all painless, polite, and that’s all I went through.

So do not be afraid, all without pain, quickly, qualitatively and conveniently for the patient. After I implanted 8 implants and gums, my life changed in a very good way. I stopped complexing and now I give my snow-white smile to family and friends.

SVETLANA OSTRYANINA, a public activist

A smile is a person’s card. I had a dream to have a Hollywood smile, and in this I was helped by “Suhasna Semeina Stomatology.” Here I was provided with quality dental services. I was not afraid of doctors for this, but it was somewhat pleasant, comfortable and painless that I just fell in love with these dentists. ”

OKSANA FEDORENKO, mother of two children

I have two wonderful little children. And during the second pregnancy I started having problems with teeth. One tooth was very sick and eventually began to stagger. I was advised to apply to the clinic «Suchana Semeyna Stomatology». Unfortunately, the sick tooth had to be removed, and in its place I was put an implant. I was very worried, I was afraid of the operation. But these were only fears and fears. The operation passed quickly. I really liked everything. Everything was qualitative. I am very pleased with the doctor-implantologist Vladimir Akhramchuk, who quickly dispelled all fears. At the moment I have a healthy, full tooth. I’m very happy and I recommend everything.

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