DENTAL-SPA: turn your teeth whiteness and health

Snow-white smile, beautiful teeth and healthy gums? It is real! With our new service 4v1 your teeth will be white and less sensitive and gums healthy.

DENTAL-SPA a complex that includes a number of procedures:

1. Professional teeth cleaning machine Air-flow, which cleanse teeth from plaque, stones and harmful bacteria. Polishing the teeth after cleaning provide whitening effect.

2. Coverage teeth special gel, which contains a set of minerals and vitamins. This drug not only strengthen the enamel, but also make teeth less sensitive to various stimuli.

3. A preventive or therapeutic massage. This procedure is not only enjoyable, but also useful for the gums and body. Massage is the prevention of periodontal tissue diseases. It improves blood circulation, strengthen gum tissue, reduces swelling and bleeding, prevents inflammation. Massage is performed by hand doctor and special preparation based on silver.

4. And at the end DENTAL-SPA-procedures doctor will study with sound oral hygiene. Home you go empty-handed, but with special facilities for the care of teeth and gums.

Our doctors will take into account all your pobazhannyayu. With DENTAL-SPA you get not only immediate effect linen teeth and health yacen but Massimo positive emotions!