Doctors of «Suasnoi Semeynoy Stomatology» presented presents to children from the shelter

Oleg 15 years old. For several months, the house of the guy is Cherkassy’s «Warm House» shelter. Oleg is interested in coloring, antistress and sports. Says that with the advent of a tennis table in their institution, more time will be spent in the gym. So time will pass faster in anticipation of a new family.

Vladimir Akhramchuk, Chief Medical Officer of «Suasnoi Semeynoy Stomatology» in his clinic began a charity action «Doing good together». Consequently, for some months, part of the money that patients spend on their treatment, the doctor and his team lay off for those in need. Started the action at the clinic with the «Warm House».

– Children are our future. And who, though not the older generation, should take care of them? There are no strange children. We have money and we want to share with them the prospect for the future. I see sports for these children. We learned that there is a need for a gym in this establishment. Children have where to play and where to develop. The simulators are here, but the tennis table I love so much was not enough. Now here you can do competitions, as it was during my childhood, – says Vladimir Vladimirovich Ahramchuk.

The doctor laughs that they have already discussed with the director and methods of manipulating the table – access to the game in tennis will be only for those who behave well. And which of the employees will want an extraordinary vacation – let him win the tennis at the director, and then go.

During the ceremonial presentation of gifts – tennis tables, racquets and balls, fifty boys and girls, institutions were interested in the profession of doctors. Yulia Kuchinskaya, children’s doctor of «Suasnoi Semeynoy Stomatology», told children how to properly care for their teeth. The doctor noted that teeth should be cleaned at least twice a day, before brushing your teeth – you should wash your hands well with soap. And if a zygote is ill to tell the educators or someone from adults, and to go with them on reception to the doctor.

– Children who are in our institution are very difficult fates, and these children are very unhappy. All our pupils with terrible disadvantages, from where they got sexual, physical and other types of violence, – says Miroslava Bondar, director of the Cherkasy Regional Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children. The director emphasized that the «Suasnа Semeynа Stomatologia» is the only clinic in Cherkassy, ​​which has helped their institution. Although every year there are more and more people who carry their babies – sweets, clothes and handmade decorations.

– Such a promotion in our dentistry will be permanent. We want to help both children and adults who are socially unprotected. Someone may need a refrigerator, somebody’s clothes, someone’s air conditioner. We want our help to be appropriate and necessary. People need to live not only bread and money. To carry goodness to others is a duty of every person, and ours, too – notes the chief doctor of «Suasnoi Semeynoy Stomatology»Vladimir Akhramchuk.