Effective teeth fluoridation

Clothes, hair and makeup create a daily image of girls and women. Ladies are extremely sensitive to the choice of cosmetics, accessories and clothes. But it is impossible to look chic and attractive without a beautiful smile. Dental health should be in the first place for every self-respecting person. Modern dentistry has stepped far ahead and offers us a huge quantity of treatment and care procedures. Whitening, plague removal, prosthetics, fluoridation and many other medical manipulations help to achieve the effect of a Hollywood smile.

Most often, the procedure of teeth fluoridation is suggested to people with a predisposition to the development of caries. Such treatment is a safe way to strengthen the teeth, preventing against various diseases (or problems).

Fluoridation is fluoride saturation of tooth enamel. First of all, the doctor remove plague and polish teeth, then saturate them with all missing elements, sealing them inside the enamel.

Teeth fluoridation is divided into 2 main types: superficial and deep.

The second type is more complex, but also more effective, as the missing components penetrate much deeper than into a tooth, which means they remain inside much longer. Despite what type of procedure you have chosen, you will have to go through several basic steps.

First, the doctor will carry out professional cleaning of teeth, then he will seal the defects. Secondly, before fluoridation you have to dry the enamel. Next steps are the application of fluorine or fluoride and re-drying the enamel. If you choose a deep fluoridation – your next step is applying another gel containing calcium and copper. After that, the mouth should be rinsed.

Advantages of teeth fluoridation:

1. Strengthening of enamel

2. Preventing caries

3. Sealing of small damages and cracks

4. Decreased sensitivity of teeth

5. Extension of the service life of the existing seals and crowns

Most dentists recommend to do this procedure not more than once a year, because the effect of fluoride on the teeth is quite sighnificant. It is also not recommended to do the procedure without a thorough examination of the attending physician.

Before the fluoridation, the dentist should give you a list of contraindications:

– allergic reactions to the components of the medication used

– some diseases of the oral cavity

– intolerance to the smell and taste of fluoride.