Guinness World Records: Different ways to make your teeth famous

Teeth are a unique component of the human body that can tolerate temperature differences and extreme stresses, while preserving its main properties – hardness and endurance. Not surprisingly, there are many interesting Guinness records associated with them. We offer you to get acquainted with a number of spectacular records that have become world-famous.

The strongest teeth of the world

American athlete Steve Schmidt did something that don’t seem to be possible – he lifted a weight of 100 kg 50 times in just one minute. Such a record seems extraordinary, even if it is about the physical strength of the hands, but the man performed the trick only with the help of his teeth and ropes! Steve is 50 years old nowadays, but the man is still able to repeat his achievement – his teeth remained the same enduring as before.

Steve Schmidt

The most expensive teeth of the world

Some teeth have not received the price of several thousand dollars, because of the expensive frame or a curious form. Their main value lies in the names of former owners. For example, John Lennon’s tooth, which was ripped off in the 60’s, was sold in 2011 for 30 and a half thousand dollars. The happy owner of such a lot was the Canadian dentist Michael Zuk, who later began to install the property in his clinic. But the recently discovered cutter of Napoleon, which was ripped shortly before the death of the ruler, was sold at an auction for $ 19,000 to an unknown collector. Isaac Newton’s teeth went under the hammer in 1816 for 730 British pounds. The new owner of an unusual heritage made a ring from the tooth and, as it’s said, had been wearing it until the end of his life.

Students of the Chilton school

The most massive brushing of the teeth

In 2014, 400 students from the Chillotton School in New Zealand brushed their teeth with each other in a circle. The organizers of the action shared that they put into action a special meaning: they were trying to encourage the fight against depression. As they said, such a senseless and absurd act would inspire people who are suffering from psychological disorders to look at the disease in a new way and stop being afraid to talk about their problems. A similar record has already been held earlier in the United States, but then the participation took only 300 people.

 This is just a small part of the unusual records that are related to human teeth. They ashow that a good goal, passionate love for their work or years of training can realize even the most unconventional idea. The main thing is to take care of the health of the teeth and remember about common sense.