Божевільна знижка -50% на вініри!

Ідеальна голлівудська посмішка на відстані 1 візиту!
Не зволікайте, швидше записуйтесь до улюбленого лікаря!



Спеціальна вартість на Лікування уві сні (наркоз)

Безпечно, швидко, без болю і страху!
Спеціальна ціна 2500 грн./год.



Gum treatment

All types of diagnostics and treatment

"Gums is the base. This is the foundation of your teeth" – parodontologist, a Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Periodontology (UAP) Kovtunenko Alena.

Dentistry in Cherkasy

«Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» Clinic in Cherkasy offers qualified dentists, innovative technologies, a full range of dental services and individual approach to each patient.

The clinic is located in the central part of the city; it is easily accessible, making it most convenient for those who appreciate time. For the comfort of patients the clinic doesn’t close on Saturdays and Sundays.

Exquisite interior, pleasant music, delightful coffee and excellent service immerse into the atmosphere of comfort and cosiness.

There is a loyalty program for customers offering them promotions and discounts so that they could efficiently spend their costs for the treatment and take care of their health.

A healthy smile is the key to success and appeal!

Our clients about us

 Alexandra Kondrashova

Nikolai Nikoevich great specialist and the man!!! Administrator Tatiana – fairy!!! I am afraid of dentists, but these people have!!!

Valentina Dudnik

For a long time I use the services of the clinic – very satisfied and recommend you. Here qualified doctors, friendly staff and courteous administrators.

 Alexey Vasilchenko

Pleasant (and very beautiful) administrators, qualified and comprehensive advice and a full range of professional services in one place!

Why customers trust us

The clinic has the best dentists, proficient in their own speciality: Implant Dentistry, Orthodontics, Prosthetic dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Treatment of root canals, Professional oral care, Paediatric Dentistry, Teeth whitening, and Periodentistry. «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» is fitted with the latest equipment and uses only the best and proven materials and technologies. The cost of all procedures is agreed on in advance to eliminate unforeseen expenses. The clinic guarantees the quality of all provided dental services.

The clinic’s team considers all customer wishes, making most of its customers the clinic’s friends and putting them into a single family.

Special Offer for non-residents

In the clinic «Suhsana Semeyna Stomatologiya» full support of foreign patients.

We will provide you with an interpreter and, if necessary, accommodation and transport.

We care about your comfort!


Our Special offers

11 мая мы отмечаем Всемирный день здоровых десен!
Пройдите бесплатное обследование
и получите информацию о здоровье Ваших десен и тканей пародонта!

Только в апреле сумасшедшая скидка 50% на виниры!
Идеальная голливудская улыбка на расстоянии 1 визита!
Не медлите, скорее записывайтесь к любимому врачу!

Воспользуйтесь выгодным предложением!
Только в апреле!

Спеццена на сапфировые брекеты 7999 грн и бесплатное обслуживание на полгода!

Специальная стоимость на Лечение во сне (наркоз)
Безопасно, быстро, без боли и страха!
Специальная цена, 2500 грн./час

The average cost for services in «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» *

Consultation100 uan.
Removal of dental plaque (from / to) 800 – 2000 uan.
Removing plaque Air Flow800 – 2000 uan.
Caries average (s) 1290 – 2480 uan.
Treatment of channels (I -III) 620 – 850 uan.
Plazmoliftynh (Isch) 380 – 1800 uan.
Arhoderm (Isch) 500 uan.
Bleaching 2700 uan.
Cast kultiva tab (LRC) 1230 – 1450 uan.
Metal-crown (MC)1600 – 2500 uan.
Veneers10 000 uan. Promotion until the end of April -50% (5000 uan.)
Bezemetaleva crown (BM);
Zirconium crown (CC)
6000 – 9000 uan.
Dentistry 4850 – 11650 uan.
Prosthetic implantsfrom 4000 – 4500 uan.
Tooth extraction 550 uan.
Removal of wisdom tooth 990 – 1400 uan.
Removable dentures.from 5000 uan.
Braces (metal)from 2600 uan.
Braces (ceramic)6000 uan.
Bracеs (sapphire)11 000 uan. Promotion until the end of April – 7999 uan + half year free maintenance (saving 40%)
Braces (self-regulating)from 11000 uan.
Trainer3400 uan.
Treatment under anesthesiaSpecial price 2500 uan. (including the work of anesthesiologists)

*The final cost of services announces administrator after consulting a doctor


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