How not to spoil your teeth with cigarettes?

 Everyone knows about the harmful effects of tobacco on the human body. Unfortunately, the first to hit the teeth. We offer you a list of the unpleasant things that happen with the teeth as a result of smoking. And also ways to restore the health of the oral cavity of smokers.

 Change the colour of the teeth

This aesthetic problem is the first consequence of long-term smoking. The components of tobacco smoke accumulate on the enamel and cause darkening of the teeth. There are several ways to return a former white snow smile:

* Use special toothpastes for smokers or

* regularly brushing your dentist’s teeth.

The first method will not help to completely restore the previous color of the teeth, but the second procedure is more effective.

Gum disease

Ingredients contained in cigarettes are worsening blood circulation in the gums, which leads to atrophy of their mucous membrane. This process, in turn, provokes the appearance of chronic diseases of the teeth. They can be eliminated by surgical intervention, but the chemicals contained in tobacco are slowing down the healing process. In addition, there is a possibility of adverse effects and complications after surgery.

Tooth loss

Unfortunately, experiments have shown that 41% of tobacco lovers completely lose their teeth after 65 years. Those who do not smoke are twice likely not to face this problem instead. Methods of returning the beauty of the oral cavity are known – you can put crowns that either mimic the healthy “native” teeth, or hide the defects of the incurable deformed teeth.

So, you should not neglect the health of the oral cavity, regardless of whether you have a tobacco addiction or not. Beauty is in the care, attention and good habit to notice the problem in time and contact a specialist. Healthy teeth and beautiful smiles!