How to brush the teeth properly?

Cleaning the mouth is what starts and ends our day. But we often act careless about the procedure because of haste, laziness or … inability? Most of us don’t even know how to move the brush properly, how long it takes to do this, and how often you need to replace the dentifrices. We have prepared a brief guide that will definitely teach you to brush your teeth in a way that really works.

The optimum time for cleaning teeth is as much as 3 minutes! In order to control yourself and so, to speak, to force yourself to clean the mouth cavity the necessary amount of time, you can use a timer. An alternative variant is to brush your teeth under a rhythmic song of 180 seconds. According to research, people clean their teeth much better if they do it under their favourite music. In addition, the pleasure from such a procedure will definitely be greater.

You should make soft short movements with a brush and pay attention to hard-to-reach places: molars, the space between the teeth, along the gum line, around the seals. Those who wear braces or crowns should be especially careful and clean the places around the orthodontic devices.

Firstly, you need to clean the outer surface of the upper teeth, then the lower ones. Then you can start cleaning the back and chewing surfaces. You should not forget about the tongue, because a huge number of harmful bacteria is accumulated there.

Brushes of small and medium hardness with a small head should be preferred. If the tool is used regularly, the brush should be changed every 3 months. But do not delay with the acquisition of a new one, if you notice signs of deterioration earlier than the specified time. It is also important to change the brush after a cold, because harmful bacteria can accumulate on its surface.

Therefore, clean teeth carefully and attentively, as it not only destroys harmful bacteria, but also prevents the occurrence of diseases of the mouth, gives fresh breath and a Hollywood smile.