Interview with the chief physician of the clinic Suhasna Simeinaya Stomatologiya Vladimir Akhramchuk

«For me, quality and reputation are more valuable than any money»

A wonderful doctor, a successful businessman, a loving husband and the father of two children is Vladimir Akhramchuk. The head physician of «Suasnoi Semeynoi Stomatologii» shared with us the secrets of his success and plans for the future. The businessman told how he managed to open the best dentistry in Cherkassy today, how he combines medical and administrative work and whether it is easy to work in the same team with his wife.


Vladimir Vladimirovich, why did you become a dentist?

Nobody guided me or forced me to choose this profession. I myself was determined to be a chemist, a lawyer or a doctor, thank the parents for not being inclined to anything concrete. That I will become a dentist in the 10th or 11th grade – and this was a conscious choice. Even then I knew what I wanted. Even during my studies I realized that I was in the top ten.

Tell us, please, how did you start your dental career?

He studied in Poltava. After graduating from one of the best Ukrainian universities in dentistry, I was sent to practice in Transcarpathia. But I changed the direction to Cherkassy, ​​because I wanted to be closer to my future wife then. He graduated from the internship at the Second Dental Clinic, and as he studied on a budget, he was sent to work in the village of Verguny, near Cherkassy. Instead of three years, in the old dispensary worked four. In parallel with work in the village – rented an armchair in private dentistry in the city. In three years I bought dentistry, where I rented a place – there were only 2 chairs. And in 2014, the world appeared «Suhasna Simein Stomatology».

You work with your wife. Or do not you have any disputes or working misunderstandings between you?

To begin with, with Tamara we met at the academy in tennis competitions. She was studying at the 4th year, and I was a year older. At work we complement each other – do not compete, do not interfere and do not divide anything. We correctly divided the functional duties and everyone is responsible for their territory.

How often do you visit dental forums, exhibitions or advanced training courses?

For the courses we travel without restriction: doctors, assistants, and administrators. Everyone attends various activities in their specialization. According to our plan – then twice a year the doctor should be on the courses, but this is on his own initiative. Earlier I attended the courses very often – during one month I could attend three different events on dentistry. Now a little less often, but not less than 5-7 times a year.

You often travel outside the country. Is there anything that needs to be introduced in Ukrainian clinics, including in the Sochia Semeyniy Dentistry?

In «Suhachnіy Semeynіy Stomatologії», all novelties, all proven technologies, comfort and service that are only known to me are embodied. As for the materials, we are working with the same as in the whole world. Foreign dentists need to travel and learn from us. I believe that this is the best dentistry in Europe. But such clinics as ours, unfortunately, are few.

 The only thing I would like to do is to improve the training of dentists in Ukraine. Recently we were in Poland in Poznan at the Medical University. Their students-dentists already from the second year work with real facilities and phantoms in the form of a patient. And our students start such a «phantom life» only on an internship.

Have you thought about moving away from practice, and investing all your strength in developing the dental business?

I think about this issue for a long time. I do not know how many years I can qualitatively treat my teeth, and what kind of work will it be in 50 or 60 years? And I think that a person should do what he likes and that he does well. For example, I can create jobs and I like it. With practice, I will not say goodbye completely, but simply reduce its percentage. For the owner and manager the practice is mandatory, I must constantly be aware of all dental innovations and techniques.

What are your plans for the future?

Next year we will launch a new clinic. It will be smaller, and will be located in the residential area of ​​the city. And I think that every two years we will open a new dentistry. First in Cherkassy, ​​and then already outside the city.

Volodymyr Akhramchuk

Chief doctor (surgeon implant)

What, in your opinion, Suhchastna Semeyna Stomatology differs from other dentistry of the city?

Everyone. We have a young and promising team. All doctors are highly specialized. There is no such thing that a doctor does everything that he knows and wants. We have a specialized orthodontist, a surgeon, a pediatrician, a periodontist, an orthopedist, a therapist. Our specialists are sent to highly specialized courses.

We provide a full range of dental services to all age groups of people. Prevention, treatment, prosthetics, surgical procedures, teeth alignment, whitening and decoration are all in one clinic. In «Suhachnіy Semeynіy Stomatologii» it is quiet, cozy and comfortable for the patient. Everything is sterile, clear and reliable

What materials do you use in the clinic, do you try to save on them?

For me, quality and reputation is more expensive than any money. We treat only the best materials, and we use only brands of world manufacturers. Our materials are the latest and tested, they all have quality certificates in Europe and the USA.

For today, who are your main patients?

Most of our patients are those that come at the recommendation of friends. In our title «Suhsana Semeyna Stomatologiya» it is laid down that we accept all: parents, children, grandfathers and grandmothers. Therefore, we are treated mainly families. We have almost no one-time patients, such that they came, they put the seal and left. Primary patients always become permanent, and already recommend us to their relatives and friends.

Are Cherkassians ready to pay for high-quality dental services?

Despite the fact that the economic situation in Ukraine is getting worse every year, people have become better at treating their health. Patients are ready to invest in themselves and order high-quality seals, veneers, implants.

In «Sushatnyi Sіmeinіy Somatologii» you and the chief doctor, and the owner, and the head. Who do you feel in the clinic in the first place?

When I’m at the reception I’m a doctor, when I talk with my doctors then I’m the head doctor. In administrative days the head and businessman. I manage to distinguish all these moments.