It’s a shame to treat your teeth. What to do?

«I’m embarrassed to go to the dentist. I’m 25 years old, and my teeth are in such terrible condition that it’s just scary to open my mouth with a doctor. Young girl with teeth of an old woman. It is necessary to somehow begin to be treated, but I feel bad and ashamed of one thought about it. For a year now I brake. Help», – writes on the forum Lees.


And there are many such people. But we all understand that the further we postpone the trip to the dentist – the worse for us. Toothpins should be treated, and one should not be afraid, and even more so be ashamed of doctors. This is their work and you can not surprise them with anything. Believe me, during the years of their practice they saw a lot.

Usually shy of dentists are sociopaths and perfectionists.

Perfectionists are afraid to show themselves from the negative side. Worried that the doctor will have a bad opinion of them: consider them sluts, because they so launched their teeth. Especially they are ashamed to go to the reception to the dentist – a young handsome man or a pretty girl.

Sociophobes are nervous because the doctor will start to scold them for their spoiled teeth. And they think that teeth are something very intimate and personal, that’s why it’s difficult for them to share such problems even with doctors.

The doctor of the «Suasnoi Semeynoi Stomatology» Vladislav Futoymas assures that such fears of patients are unwarranted self–winding and usual delusion. «For dentists, the patient is primarily a person who needs help. Our task is to make sure that the teeth of the patient are not sick and beautiful. And it does not matter what kind of teeth the person has come from, the main thing is that the patient comes out of the clinic with a wonderful mood, a smile and healthy teeth. And no matter how toothy they were, it’s never a shame to treat them. Ashamed to be afraid of dentists and neglect their health».