Malocclusion leads to wrinkles

Male baby favorite job! You 25 – full of strength and energy, I want to live and work! And here’s your birthday. Expands gift from her husband, and there – day and night creams from wrinkles. He said the rise: «You are as good as me, but I want you to be more beautiful!». You’re glad, jump, kiss her lover. He is happy, from what you vhodyv, goes to work. And you – the mirror! Is the truth so pichalno?

Teeth indyfikator thy youth

The Dangers face malocclusion?

Very often our face suffers from malocclusion. Therefore, prevention and fight wrinkles should start in the office orthodontist. Malocclusion – not only creates wrinkles, but also makes heavy and saggy chin, cheeks sunken, and lips – narrow. This all happens because the soft tissues of the face depend on the structure of the skull. And so the correct position of the upper and lower jaw plays an important role here. Normally – have upper front teeth overlap the lower to the appropriate depth. If this ratio is raised, the lower part of the face is smaller muscles relax more than necessary, and as a result – wrinkles!

The absence of several teeth makes you older for 5-10 years!

All our teeth do not just chewing function but also many others. Thus, the front teeth we do not only bite the food, they still have great aesthetic value responsible – for the smile and the position of the lips. Side teeth bite keep the height and shape of horizontal symmetry thirds of the face. Fangs create oval face and maintain bend jaw affect the smooth movement of the lower jaw while chewing food. Chewing – to form the shape of the face and kept her cheek.

Immediately after the loss of tooth jaw becomes deformed. As a consequence – curvature of the bite, the appearance of new wrinkles, or increase those already available, and vpalist cheeks.

If no front teeth, the lips begin to sink into that again accompanies the appearance of wrinkles in the nasolabial of the face. If not for a long time to insert missing teeth, he becomes deformed and zkorochuvatys jawbone. The form then gets face of change: there is asymmetry, and the corners of the lips sink to the bottom.

The risk of malocclusion and the lack of teeth for the human body:

Diseases of the stomach and intestines. You can not chew food carefully, even if you really will want this.

Caries, tartar, loss of other teeth. Wrong teeth are hard to clean. Also at the wrong bite is uneven wear of the enamel, which also lead to tooth decay. And in places where teeth are absent – will be zsuvatysya nearby.

Violation of diction. For normal language requires not only the mouth and tongue but the teeth.

Uneven teeth or holes they have reason complexes: from them ashamed to speak and smile.

To avoid premature aging of the face and a pile of problems follow the oral hygiene and at least twice a year visit the dentist! You Beautiful smiles and teeth equal!