Mysticism, or how teeth affect a person’s destiny

People have been fond of giving mystical significance to habitual phenomena for a long time. They adore to see a hint of a mystical and superrealistic component in everything. Teeth are not an exception to the rule, so we suggest you a top-6 interesting omens on this topic.

 1. Milk teeth – are the harbingers of the child’s destiny, it is considered that they are related to the future problems of their owner. If the cutter was the first to appear, then this sign is considered as a happy one: the child will be able to make some volitional decisions. The fact that the milk teeth do not drop out for a long time is an indication of the future infantilism of a person in adulthood.

2. Great importance is given to the frequency of teeth in the mouth. If a number is rare – a person can live a short life. In the Middle Ages, buyers of personally dependent peasants paid attention to the person’s mouth, as if using a well-known proverb. The density of the location and strength of teeth determined a potentially profitable employee who will live a long life. Nevertheless, if the incisors loosely fit one another – this is a sign that a person has a happy destiny.

3. Small teeth that fit tightly or even climb on others are the stereotypical traits of a miser or a mysterious person who should not be trusted. But large and evenly spaced teeth – are an indication that their owner has a pleasant and good-natured character.

4. The gap is one of the most mystical features of teeth. Its owners are considered as open, good-natured and eloquent people. There is a stereotype among the Scots that if you can easily thrust a coin of 10 sovereigns between the teeth, then this person is a «magnet» for luck and is popular with the opposite sex.

5. Widely placed «horse» teeth – are a sign that person is very attached to his parents, so their owner needs to look for happiness away from home. According to beliefs, a person can achieve success in a particular case only in this way.

6. If a person has noticeably few teeth, it is usually associated with the danger and dishonesty. Similar qualities are attributed to the owners of the double teeth. If, on the contrary, there are too many teeth, it is given out a person who always seeks love and is inclined to fall for somebody easily.

 Therefore, all the signs and conjectures, mystical properties that are given to the human teeth are or fruit of centuries of observation, or the usual obsolete stereotypes. They can be perceived as an interesting coincidence or an accurate idea, but not as a true statement in the last resort. It should be remembered that everyone is the author of his own destiny, and, as an ideal smile does not make one noble and smart, as non-ideal teeth do not force the other to act ugly or make wrong decisions.