NEWS: Bonus cards to everyone!

For your benefit beginning in 2017 we introduced a client program of bonus cards.

Under the terms of shares, during 2017, each patient after treatment may receive a bonus card for all kinds of services. After collecting enough of them, you can fully pay for the next service.
For example: the cost of the seal 600 UAH, and you have several bonus cards the sum of which is 500 UAH, respectively, you pay extra only difference – 100 UAH. If the amount of bonus cards you have is 600 UAH, you pay only a bonus card.
The scheme for obtaining bonus cards: the provision of services in a single visit from a doctor:
* 1000 to 2500 UAH – you get a bonus card face value of 50 UAH;
* From 2500 to 4000 UAH – you get a bonus card face value of 100 UAH;
* From 000 to 15 000 – 200 UAH;
* 15,000 or higher – 500 UAH.

Bonus card can be transferred for use by another person.

bonus card program is issued and distributed for all kinds of services.

All bonus cards are valid until 31.12.2017.