«Orthodontist can make your smile really beautiful», – Tamara Ahramchuk (orthodontist)


Tamara Ahramchuk – orthodontist I kvalifikatsiynoy th category with 11 years of experience. Every day it traded dozens of people who want to have a perfect smile. We chatted with her to find out about the work of the orthodontist.та.

Tamara Vyacheslavovna, why did you choose «orthodontics» among all directions in dentistry?

Orthodontics a discipline that requires the least intervention from the doctor. It is the least painless, but gives a great aesthetic result. An orthodontist can make your teeth really very beautiful, even if the result will be seen in years.


What does the orthodontist?

Orthodontist this aesthetic (the person who likes pretty things), which also may be their work to create this beauty. He loves people and does everything to make the life of his patients got better. From an early age of the child, we see how his teeth-jaw system develops. Unfortunately, 90% of children – a pathology of the bite. This is due to the fact that people have switched to a soft diet and do not load the teeth-jaw system is sufficient. Frequent pathology narrowing jaws. This defect occurs because children eat pyureshki, porridge, a variety of milks, whereas previously they were eating carrots, apples and bagels.


Tamara Ahramchuk

What problems do you often treat patients?

Undoubtedly, most of all – it is preventative treatment. Moms want to know whether all of their baby teeth with normal, properly developed teeth-jaw system, whether the child needs treatment. And it is very true that parents bring their children for routine inspection. Timely diagnosis will determine not only the problem, but will speed up and facilitate the alignment of the teeth of the child, if necessary. At the second location a treatment occlusion diseases, especially in adult patients. Now everyone wants to have a Hollywood smile, and to get it in the arsenal of many orthodontists modern technologies.

Sometimes girls come, that braces are not necessary, but they say: “Three of my friends there, and I want myself.” In this case, the orthodontist has to “unlearn” a psychologist.

Are there any disadvantages of using braces?

The biggest negative – it’s what you need to visit the orthodontist once a month, even though we try to keep these techniques were positive. It should also be very good to brush your teeth, and spend this much longer. To clean the teeth with braces do not need to devote half a day, or take a vacation for two years, but at least 10 minutes. every day should be devoted. Braces are fixed on special ftormesny material that releases fluoride.

That is the place where there were braces – will never be affected by caries. But in the places where patients are not trimmed teeth (around braces, and more often under the arc) can develop cavities. His patients, we recommend a special orthodontic cleaning every two to three months. Doctor helps clean your teeth in those places that are inaccessible to self-cleaning.


What tools do you use for alignment of the teeth??

For the treatment of patients we use orthodontic trainers, elastopozitsionery, clear aligners, various types of braces. There are braces that hold the inner side of the teeth, and they are completely invisible to others – is lingual braces. There is also a system that is fixed to the outer surface of the vestibular tooth – braces. Vestibular braces can be ligature and self-ligating. Ligature braces fixed arc with additional elements, self-ligating, like slider phone, engaged in the system of braces, and there is no longer need any other means. They need much less to visit the orthodontist, and they are much softer and more comfortable at work.

Man chooses the type of braces or you give him something specific recommend?

We recommend, depending on the pathology – of Systems ligature or self-ligating braces. Again, self-ligating – a new, much more comfortable and more efficient, but also means a lot more expensive. Depending on what we have recommended braces, person chooses aesthetics. Now a lot of attention is directed to the fact that orthodontic treatment was imperceptible. This can be achieved by using a transparent cap or even invisible lingual braces. There are braces that secure the outside, but they are invisible because they are made in the color of the enamel – a ceramic or sapphire brackets. The patient can decide how important it is for him aesthetics: if he wants within two years smile metal teeth, or wants to wear white, transparent, or even invisible braces.

To contraindicated braces?

Allergic reactions may be a contraindication to the establishment of braces. But modern braces are made from a special hypoallergenic materials, which is composed of titanium, which is generally considered allergen-free metal. Even arch braces make hypoallergenic because 0.1% of people are allergic to these materials. However, in these patients, we have not yet met in my practice

Can I put braces just two jaw?

You can, but better not. The doctor, who at one time I was taught orthodontics, shared experience. He decided he wanted to be an orthodontist and wanted to try, as it braces to walk. The doctor asked his colleague to fix it immediately braces into two jaw! And then everyone would say, “Never to anyone under any circumstances to fix brackets on the two jaws.” It is very unpleasant.

It’s one thing when a person can adapt to changes in one jaw chews on one jaw, passes food from one side to the other. It’s quite another when in the whole mouth came something new, which, unfortunately, up to 10 days can scratch and injure the mucous membrane. To this was not, better align the teeth gradually, and it is much more functional in terms of physiology. So first we fix the upper jaw, making it wider, and then only fix braces on the lower jaw to tighten it under the top, have a nice and smooth.

Be sure to put braces on the lower jaw, if during the smile you can not see?

We recommend 100% cases, and align the lower jaw. The upper and lower teeth are in constant contact with each other, and if after treatment with the correct ratio of teeth broken, suffers not only the aesthetics but also the chewing function.

Whether a person is experiencing pain or diskofort while wearing braces?

It all depends on the pain threshold of the individual. There are patients who do not hurt, and some as soon will cross the threshold of the office, already shouting: “Oh help! I hurt all over! “. More intolerant of men in pain I do not know what it is connected. But even if the patient feels a slight pain when fixing the bracket system (the procedure is absolutely painless), the ten days all passes exactly.