Patient «Sushayasnoi Semeynoi Stomatologii» won the hearts of judges of the «Voice of the Country»

About the «Voice of the Country» Julia dreamed for a long time, but to participate in the project did not dare. «And this year the stars must have become special: I realized that my time has come,» Yulia admits. The husband, relatives and friends – only thanks to their support, she gathered all the forces and performed on the main stage of the country.

«At the casting, I sat up to the last performer under the door with a bandura and did not count on anything positive. Well, I think: I’ll just drop by and sing. I do not speak vocals like Tina Karol or Jamala. But I have some of my chips, and I just wanted to show these chips», – says Julia.

She went to the audition of the latter. But after the first song the girl with the bandura realized that everyone liked it. And after the second – she was hinted that she was preparing for «blind» auditions. A few weeks later, the girl was called from the “Voice of the Country” and invited to the project.

Yulin’s presentation simply won the hearts of the judges. She was the last participant in the team of Sergei. «Class! You as an image that collects all the grains, parts and spectra of the colors of the mood of the team that I collect. Mentally, sincerely, warmly, tenderly, fragilely, insinuatingly, you missed everything through yourself», – Sergei Babkin admired Yulia.

On the stage the girl did not stay long – on “battles” she gave way to Emil. But Julia is not upset. He says that the very participation in the “Voice” is her personal big victory over herself. «I am a very self-critical person, for me it is important that everything be perfect. Therefore, it is difficult for me to overcome myself and do something. And time goes …», – says the bandurist.

Now Yulia has opened many doors – she writes and writes songs, sends them to the radio. The girl understands that everything is in her hands and the most important thing for her is not to get lost after the project, but to show herself and engage in what she loves. And she loves to sing the most.

Yulia Boroznenko has been treated for about four years in the «Suhachniy Semeniyi Stomatologii». «I really like the clinic. Here is a wonderful atmosphere, wonderful doctor Tamara Akhramchuk and very friendly girl–administrators.

But I’m not a very responsible patient and I often forget to go see a doctor. Moreover, I also forget to warn that I will not be able to come. It’s all because of my profession, because I can not remember everything. But the girls-administrators are great! Patiently listen to my apologies and transfer my visit to another date. And every time in a few days they warn me that I need to see a doctor!

Next time I want to go to the reception with my little daughter Solomiyka. She still does not need to be treated, but I want to start her acquaintance with dentistry with this clinic. I want that in the future, my child’s «Stomatology» is not associated with negative emotions, disgust and fear», – says Julia.