The average cost for services in «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» *

Consultation200 UAH
Removal of dental plaque390 – 2000 UAH
Caries average1590 UAH
Art restoration2450 UAH
Treatment of channels (I -III) dental microscopefrom 4400 UAH
Bleaching2700 UAH
Veneers7500 – 18000 UAH
Crown3500 – 12000 UAH
Treatment in dental medical sleep2500 UAH
Implantation4900 – 30000 UAH
Tooth extraction950 – 2100 UAH
Braces4900 – 20000 UAH
Plazmoliftynh (Isch)380 – 1950 UAH
Vector2500 UAH

*The final cost of services announces administrator after consulting a doctor