ServiceThe cost
Alpha Dent Implants4850 uan
Bio Implants7300 uan
Ankylos Implants12500 uan
Sterile Dental Surgical Kit550 uan
Healing Cap Placement450 — 1650 uan
Imprint Taking:
А +С-Silicone570 uan
Custom Tray300 uan
Abutment890-3430 uan
Cutting of Abutment250 uan
Placement of Abutment550 uan
* Abutment A – DENT600 uan
*Custom Zirconia Abutment (Ankylos)3430 uan
* Custom Zirconia Abutment2300 uan
* Connections100 uan
Temporary Crown on an Implant380 uan
Adjustment of Temporary Crowns on Implants 160 uan
Metal Ceramic Crowns on Implants 1250 uan
Metal Ceramic Crowns on Implants1500 uan