Attachment of Braces to 1 Jaw:

ServiceThe cost
Lingual Braces (on the inner side of the tooth) 37000 uan
Self-Ligating Braces (ceramic)15800 uan
Self-Ligating Bracesі (metal) 10800 uan
Sapphires Braces (transparent)8300 uan
Combined Braces (ceramic+metal) 4000 uan
Ceramic Braces (white) 4800 uan
Metal Braces2600 uan
Changing of Ligatures, 1 Jaw250 uan
Changing of Metal Archwires, 1 Jaw350 uan
Changing of Aesthetic White Archwires, 1 Jaw500 uan
Changing of Archwires in Self-Ligating Braces, 1 Jaw550 uan