Prevention and professional oral hygiene

Even children know that one should brush teeth at least twice a day. But proper brushing implies something more than this. It is necessary to choose the right toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash etc., as well as to thoroughly conduct the procedure.

In addition to proper daily oral care one shouldn’t forget about regular dental visits. One should see the dentist not only when a problem occurs but for a routine dental examination also, probably it will be necessary to remove dental plaque or calculus. It is necessary to get oneself accustomed to this since childhood because despite the fact that milk teeth in children will be replaced in due course, they need no less care.

Regular oral hygiene

Even a proper oral care does not eliminate the forming of plaque and calculus, which are the main cause of many dental diseases, gingivitis and bad breath. Usually the plaque forms in hard-to-reach areas (teeth crowding facilitates plaque formation).

To avoid the problem one should get plaque removed in the dental clinic at least once every six months. Preventive plaque and calculus removal is better than the treatment of serious diseases. «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» offers the latest techniques such as: oral hygiene using an ultrasonic scaler, Air-flow procedure, fissure sealing etc.

A professional teeth cleaning has a number of advantages:

  • elimination of bacteria and creating unfavourable conditions for their reproduction
  • safe and sparing clearing does not damage tooth enamel and causes no discomfort
  • polishing makes teeth smooth and aesthetically perfect
  • plaque does not form over a long period of time

Experience shows that regular ultrasonic removal of tartar completely eliminates the need to treat teeth.

Air-flow is an advanced and light method of teeth clearing with enamel whitening effect. It is based on clearing the teeth using a special therapeutic substance that is sprayed under pressure with water. As a result the dentist can clear the most hard-to-reach areas, prepare the mouth for the subsequent treatment, teeth alignment, prosthetic procedure etc.

Currently fissure sealing, i.e. furrows and cavities filling, is one of the most effective methods of prevention. Following the professional clearing the dentist fills the chewing surfaces of teeth with a special material that prevents bacteria from attaching to the teeth, thus preventing caries development. The technique is very effective for newly erupted teeth in children.

At «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» you will have necessary preventive treatment in the form of Dental-spa procedures done, get an individual advice on the selection of oral care products, hygiene, necessary diet, etc.