Prosthetic dentistry in Cherkasy

UAH 3500 – 18000

Aesthetic dental prosthetics involves the improvement of the current state of teeth, restoration of chewing efficiency, improvement of the aesthetics of a smile.

Lack of a tooth or its part is not just a problem of the ugly smile, it is a daily inconvenience and discomfort that is associated with the inability to eat normally, as well as dentition shift. That is why prosthetic dentistry gains so much attention in modern dentistry. These services are required both by young persons and older patients. Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile and experience pleasure and comfort while chewing.

Modern technologies allow to solve the problem of a missing tooth or several teeth quickly, easily and painlessly. Dental prosthetics in Cherkasy at «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» is conducted at the highest level using the world’s best technologies. The clinic employs experienced and attentive professionals, which make the process of prosthetics comfortable, painless and maximally sparing for adjacent teeth.

Prosthetics is indicated when 50% or more of the coronal part of the tooth is absent.

Types of dental prosthetics

Following the consultation the clinic’s dentist will offer a patient the most suitable option. For example: veneer (porcelain or composite plates over the tooth), crown or artistic restoration.

Veneers are thin porcelain or composite plates fixed to the outer layer of the tooth enamel with its minimal treatment. After fixing with a special material, a chemical adhesion occurs and one gets a “new enamel”, having an shape and strength.

Lumineers practically do not require pre-treatment, possess improved strength, do not change colour under the influence of dyes.

Indications for use of veneers or lumineers is chipped or uneven enamel, interdental spaces, tooth colour change and the presence of old fillings.

Aesthetic dental prosthetics can correct the shape, improve colour of the teeth, make one’s smile lovely.

Recovering lost teeth

To restore missing teeth the clinic uses all-porcelain, zirconium and PFM crowns.

An all-porcelain crown is one of the most progressive and sparing methods of the reconstruction of the lost tooth. Its advantage is durability, aesthetics, minimum thickness, possibility to save the tooth “live” due to minimal treatment of dental tissues.

To reconstruct missing teeth «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» uses also dental bridges (the supporting teeth in such cases are left live, when possible); for temporary reconstruction the removable clasp dental prostheses or overlay dentures are used.
Dental prosthetics in modern dentistry can be accomplished using a variety of techniques ranging from traditional removable dentures to modern dental implant prostheses. Following the diagnostics the clinic offers a patient an individual treatment plan, discusses the cost and leaving the choice to him.