Secrets perfect smiles of different nations

Removed for beauty, painted black, sharpened, pidpylyuvaly and decorated with precious stones – these people did all manipulations of the teeth. Which only tricks were not successful mods of all time to make your smile perfect.

Who and how did perfect teeth

    1. Far woman teeth covered with black dye, which had a very unpleasant smell. If the “elixir of beauty” getting into the skin, they leave care. But it did not stop women – appeal first.

2. To remove black teeth – the same standard of beauty. They smeared their strange mixture obmoschuvaly banana leaves and for 40 hours did not eat and did not drink! Then all this beauty rubbed the bark of plants and lime.

3. But Maya stained teeth turquoise and jade, and decorated with precious stones.

4. Residents of Mesoamerica gave their teeth triangular – their smile looked like a shark grin and frightening enemies.

5.  In Ethiopia in ancient times was considered a good guy if he had sharp teeth. Perekusyv bamboo branch all – enviable groom.

6. Dayak proroblyaly holes in the teeth and rings decorated with brass and mother of pearl.

7. In some African tribes still removed cutters. Aborigines south-eastern Australia knocked out front teeth and bring them to sacrifice to the gods.

8. And in some nations bordering the Indian people teeth of obsidian and jade pieces.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to remove the teeth and painted in black to keep up with fashion. Visit the “Modern Family Dentistry” and your smile will be “on vystoti.”