Self soda… whiten teeth safely?

The key to success – a beautiful smile. It adds confidence and interview, and date. Unfortunately, not all white teeth, and not all have the means to professional whitening. People often try to save money on beauty and resort to traditional methods, such as teeth whitening soda.

This method would not be so popular if it had not been effective. Certainly the result is, but it’s safe such beauty?

Pros whitening baking soda:

– Cheap. Baking soda is in the kitchen every housewife.
– Fast results. Coda – strong abrasive tool that removes surface contamination with a thin layer of enamel. As a result, the teeth are the primary colors, which creates the effect of laundry.
– Ability to carry out the procedure at home. No need to be written to the doctor and get a crowded bus.

Disadvantages whitening baking soda:

– Coda creates a visible effect linen only for a very short period of time.
– Provides only floor care.
– From such suffering cleansing clear who receive huge number of micro traumas.
– Soda can cause allergic skin rash around the mouth.
– With plaque soda brushes and tooth enamel. As a result – high sensitivity of teeth, and the formation of cavities. Next – a possible total loss of the tooth.

And if you are not afraid of the future push your jaw on the coffee table – whiten teeth at home baking soda! Some people even believe that it is necessary to add baking soda and salt, because it has healing and antiseptic properties that break even tartar.

We recommend that you remove plaque – machine Air Flow. This procedure mechanical treatment of various types of dental plaque using a special apparatus and cleaning powder.

The advantages of cleaning teeth Air Flow:

    1. This method is safe for tooth enamel. The powder, which is used in bleaching Air Flow and m’yakoobrazyvnyy fine, so it does not damage the tooth enamel, does not affect its structure and does not injure the gums.
This procedure makes it possible to clean hard to reach interdental spaces.
3. Since teeth removed plaque, stone and harmful bacteria, so this is good preventive maintenance cleaning gum disease and tooth decay.
It has the effect of whitening and returns the natural color of teeth.
The effect of this method of cleaning – lasting.
The procedure is completely painless, and takes a little time.

Professional cleaning machine Air Flow in Cherkassy available in our clinic. Sign up for this procedure you can right now. To do this, click on “Post online” or call us.