Aesthetic Dental Restoration in Cherkasy

UAH 2450

Dental restoration is the procedure of the restoration of the natural tooth structure through it complete imitation using photopolymer materials. Modern aesthetic restorative dentistry is a painless procedure.

The aesthetic restorative dentistry’s distinction is its instantaneous action, i.e. a person can come to the dentist’s, spend some time in the chair and leave the clinic with a new smile.

At «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» one can restore even several teeth in a visit getting a beautiful and natural smile.

Dental restoration is appropriate when it is necessary to rebuild or change the form or colour of a tooth. And the tooth with that remains live, that is the nerve needs not to be removed.

Dental restoration involves rebuilding of the tooth directly in the oral cavity using a nanohybrid photopolymer material. Thanks to a wide colour palette these materials allow to pick up the natural colour of the tooth being restored.

Эстетическая реставрация зубов

The procedure is recommended in the following cases:

  • dark spots on the tooth enamel;
  • colour change of one tooth in the row. The most common cause is old fillings, also teeth may darken after the filling of root canals. Aesthetic dental restoration solves this problem as well as others among them:
  • chipped teeth;
  • tooth caries.

Which type of restoration is required may be determined only during the examination at the dentist’s.

The examination at «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» is always conducted with an assistant, “four handed”, to ensure the European standards of treatment quality and sterility.

The skill of the qualified dentists can quickly and for long restore a beautiful smile and with it the confidence that you will always make a great impression.