Dental surgery in Cherkasy

UAH 950 – 1850

“Wisdom teeth” make a frequent problem, they may be improperly laid or erupted, bringing inconvenience, and displacing adjacent healthy teeth. This may result in unpleasant consequences and even malocclusions. Such cases require the services of two specialists, those of a surgeon and an orthodontist.

Dental surgery services at «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» are provided in the surgery room fitted with special equipment and do not limit merely to the removal of a tooth, they include also quite contrary operations on preserving the teeth. Of course there are situations when it is impossible to save a tooth and it should be removed as painlessly and non-traumatic as possible to save the patient from pain and discomfort. Not only destroyed teeth should be removed. Teeth which are incorrectly positioned or hindering the alignment of the dentition have to be removed too.

Very often it is impossible to avoid surgery in dentistry. Therefore the clinic employs experienced and highly qualified surgeons able to cope with any task.

Dental surgeons in Cherkasy at «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» try to do everything possible to save your teeth and to conduct all procedures as painlessly as possible.

Conservative surgery and tasks of dental surgery

The clinic performs serious and complex operations aimed at preserving the tooth and its functions. It may be the removal of a cyst caused by tooth infection or trauma. Quite complex are operations on root extraction on a tooth with multiple roots, leaving the tooth undamaged. There are cases when it is necessary to turn a tooth with two roots into two single rooted teeth.

In addition to conservative operations the dental surgeon deals with treatment of periodontal disease.

Dental surgery also includes operations on creating necessary conditions for prosthetics and implantation. Preparation for the implantation involves non-traumatic tooth root or stub extraction using modern methods, while saving the height and width of the bone to facilitate future implantation.

The clinic also performs upper lip and tongue frenulum plastic surgery. In cases of abnormal position or structure of these frena the orthodontist assigns the patient to a plastic surgery on these areas of mucousa. It is a brief surgical procedure, which is performed under local anesthesia and does not require the subsequent hospital treatment.

Upon the orthodontist prescription the clinic’s surgeons perform operations on impacted teeth exposition (the teeth, which cannot erupt as they are wholly or partly located in the bone or under mucosa), microimplantation etc.