Orthodontist Services in Cherkassy

UAH 6900 – 20000

Do you dream about a beautiful smile but by nature your teeth are not perfectly aligned and there are problems with the bite? Don’t despair, modern dentistry does wonders. Come on, arrange a visit to an orthodontist.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry dealing with the prevention and correction of malocclusions, as well as teeth alignment.
In today’s world a beautiful smile is your business card, an indicator of success and beauty. An orthodontist does more than merely align one’s teeth, he helps prevent problems, which accompany bite abnormalities:

  • temporomandibular joint diseases;
  • excessive tooth abrasion;
  • inadequate oral hygiene resulting in caries;
  • gum and periodontal diseases.

Therefore it is very important that a child makes his first visit to the orthodontist at the age of 5 or 6. Since that age, orthodontist monitors the development of teeth and jaws and, if necessary, adjusts the bite using:
removable devices:

  • plates;
  • orthodontic trainers;
  • elastic aligners;
  • myobraces etc.

For older patients with permanent teeth it is necessary to conduct further examination: orthopantomography, teleroentgenography or computer tomography. These methods help the orthodontist set a correct diagnosis, evaluate teeth positioning, their relation, presence of impacted teeth etc.

Orthodontic dental treatment in Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia

«Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» offers a European level of orthodontic services. For the treatment of adult patients (after the preliminary consultation with the orthodontist and drawing up a treatment plan) the clinic uses:

  • orthodontic trainers;
  • elastic positioners;
  • transparent Invisalign® systems;
  • various bracket systems.

The clinic widely uses lingual braces which are fixed to the inner side of teeth and are absolutely imperceptible to the surrounding people.

Another type of braces is vestibular braces which are fixed to the outer surface of the teeth. They may be ligature:

  • metal
  • ceramic
  • sapphire

Or self-ligating with much more capabilities (due to the absence of friction):

  • metal
  • ceramic

The treatment lasts 2 years on the average. The patient has to see his orthodontist each month to activate the device. After the removal of braces a certain period (at least 3 years) is required for the retention of results during which removable trays or fixed retainers are used.

The correction of malocclusion can be virtually imperceptible. Modern braces and devices can be made of transparent materials, they are neat, not bulky and bring only pleasant emotions into the patient’s life.