Paediatric dentistry in Cherkasy

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It is necessary to accustom a child to proper oral care and regular visits to the dentist’s since early childhood. Many problems with the bite and uneven teeth can be easily resolved in childhood, without their aggravation. Therefore, parents have to make every effort so that their child makes friends not only with a toothbrush, but a dentist too. The first visit to the dentist’s and the first impression are very important.

Paediatric dentistry is an important branch of dentistry, which requires from a dentist to be a good psychologist, educator, to be able to communicate with children in addition to professional skills.


How to choose a clinic and a paediatric dentist?

The first thing one should pay attention to, is the availability of the special equipment in the clinic to deal with young patients. If everything necessary for the treatment and examination is available one can proceed to the selection of a specialist, since the wiliness to see the dentist’s depends on the first impression. A paediatric dentist should become a friend o the family, a specialist, visiting whom will be a pleasure for a child.

The services of the paediatric dentist should include not only the examination and treatment, but advising on proper milk and permanent teeth care, recommendations on prevention of various diseases.