Periodentistry in Cherkasy

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The inflammatory process in the tissues of the oral cavity is called periodontitis. This process involves not only gum inflammation but also the destruction of the tooth supporting tissue. The disease is manifested by bleeding, suppuration, loose teeth, acrid and bad breath. Today, periodontal services in Cherkassy are becoming more actual and modern dentistry offers a variety of both traditional and new therapeutic treatment methods. Fortunately, they are all available at «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia».

Plasmalifting – an innovative method of treatment of periodontal diseases

Plasmalifting is one of such procedures in dentistry. Plasmalifting is a revolutionary, unrivalled injection technique for the treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases.

The procedure is based on collection and processing of the patient’s blood via centrifugation and vacuum tubes. Through centrifugation of the patient’s blood a platelet-rich plasma is obtained, which is injected by the dentist into the periodontal tissue.

Growth factors, hormones, proteins and vitamins contained in autoplasma facilitate the launch of recovery mechanisms of regeneration of bone tissue and oral mucosa.

The platelet-rich plasma injected into the periodontal tissue causes the growth of capillaries, normalizes the tissue respiration, hemodynamics and metabolism. In addition it strengthens bone tissues, facilitates collagen and bone formation. The improvement of local immunity occurs. This reduces gum bleeding, tooth mobility, eliminates bad breath.

It is essential that plasmalifting is absolutely harmless and safe for the patient, because the components contained in the blood plasma are absolutely natural to man. It is an “in-house product”, it is not toxic and excludes allergic reactions.

Plasmalifting at «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» is a safe, effective, painless and easy-to-use technique that can restore one’s teeth health and beauty.

Prevention of periodontitis – timely diagnosis

In most cases, the disease does not manifest itself at first, and its signs appear at the stage of progression of the disease when treatment is required. One must see his dentist’s at the very first symptoms (gum bleeding during teeth brushing, gum redness and swelling, bad breath).

Modern diagnostic methods allow to identify the disease at an early stage, as well as to find out its causes and possible risks of development at the genetic level. Periodentic services at the clinic are aimed at early elimination of unpleasant symptoms by treating the causes of the disease. We fight the causes of the periodontal disease not its consequences.