Root Canals Treatment in Cherkasy

UAH 4400

If one doesn’t see the dentist for a long time and leaves caries untreated this may cause pulpitis which is an inflammatory process in the inner tissues of the tooth (pulp). The causes of pulpitis are various, it may be caused by acute or chronic irritations. If one disregards the process, endure pain and discomfort the infection will penetrate deeper and result in periodontitis. The only option to save a tooth in case of pulpitis or periodontitis is root canals treatment.

How is the root canals treatment performed?

The treatment involves the elimination of the pulpal infection if the patient sees the dentist at this stage of the disease. First, anaesthetics is applied to relieve the pain at the treatment site. Then areas damaged by caries are removed thus providing the dentist the access to the root canal.

Working with root canals is quite tedious, the dentist removes the infected tissue, processes canals with special high-quality instruments and modern disinfectants. The the filling is conducted. All treatment stages at our clinic are absolutely painless.

Use of modern technology in the treatment of root canals

In this area it is very important that the doctor has experience and skills, because the structure of the root system varies from person to a person. That we why we employ dentists specializing in Endodontics which are provided with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. The elimination of periodontitis, filling of root canals in every patient has its peculiarities.

Our specialists constantly improve their skill, work with high-tech equipment and quality materials. Prior to starting the treatment of root canals the dentist conducts an examination, a radiography and other necessary procedures to choose the most effective treatment. During the treatment the latest equipment is used which makes it possible to deal even with narrow and curved root canals.

The high qualification of dentists at «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» as well as modern high-quality equipment provide an exceptional accuracy in the sealing of root canals and guaranteed long lasting positive results.