Teeth whitening in Cherkasy

UAH 2700

Seeing famous people on TV, one is impressed with the snow-white smile they have. The result can be achieved in a short time. Teeth whitening at «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» is safe, painless and enjoyable.

The ECO-whitening procedure will help not only coffee and tobacco lovers, but also persons whose enamel has a yellowish tint by nature.

Safe Professional Teeth Whitening

The clinic has the latest effective and safe professional equipment for teeth whitening developed and mastered in the United States. This is a fundamentally new, maximally sparing and effective technique of professional teeth whitening. The technology is based on the activation of the whitening gel immediately after its application to the teeth surface. Recent research in the field of dentistry has proven that the used gel is the safest, it does not affect the structure of the enamel or change the strength of the tooth, but only neutralises the colouring pigment. Thus the whitening procedure is absolutely safe for the teeth and causes no side effects.

The procedure of ECO whitening lasts no more than 2 hours and gives an instantaneous result, which is astounding since just in several hours one can change the shade of the teeth from natural white to a Hollywood snow-white.

Professional teeth whitening at «Suchasna Simeina Stomatologia» is affordable and safe thanks to the fact that the clinic employs high-class specialists and uses the latest technology for teeth whitening.
Here the whitening procedure is conducted with an individual approach, taking into account all wishes of the patient.