Stomatologists become «Nikolaychik» for children with tuberculosis

A real fairy-tale feast was presented to sick children by Cherkassy dentists and animators. Balls, dolls, designers, board games, coloring books, pencils and fruits were received on December 19 by guys who are being treated in the Cherkassy regional TB dispensary. “Nikolaychik” for boys and girls became Vladimir Akhramchuk, chief doctor of «Sushayasnoi Semeynoi Stomatologii» and his team.

Vladimir Vladimirovich conducts in his clinic a permanent action «Doing good together»: a part of the funds that patients spend for their treatment – the doctor gives to good deeds. “To be engaged in charity is the desire of all our collective. We want to not only think about our work and do it well, but also share with others our love, mood and mandarins, “says Vladimir Akhramchuk.

The doctor noted that St. Nicholas is the patron of children. And on this day all children and even adults are waiting for gifts. But, unfortunately, not all these gifts are received. “It is especially unfortunate for those children who meet holidays not at home, who are sick and in hospitals. We would very much like to see the boys and girls who are treated in this tubdispenser comfortable, so that they spend their leisure time profitably: they played development games, developed fine motor skills of fingers, painted and painted. And we are very pleased that now children will play in the game with good toys, and not just look at the gray walls. We believe that this way they will be better cured, “says Vladimir Akhramchuk.

The doctor is grateful to Victoria and Valery Feschenkas, who changed their clothes to minions, then to St. Nicholas and cheered the children. Despite their busy schedule, people could find time for sick children.

The Cherkassy regional TB dispensary treats up to 1500 people annually. Some patients are children. In the children’s department is permanently up to 30 children. For today, the youngest of them is 6 months old, others are children under 3 years old and teenagers are 13-16 years old. Breasts are mostly orphans, or deprived of parental care, so treated here from 4 months to 2 years.

According to Cherkassy volunteer Tamara Borisova, children who are treated in the TB dispensary see sweets, fruits and juices only when they are transferred by volunteers. Svetlana Evteeva, head of the department of child tuberculosis, says that the institution exists on public funds, but that money is not always enough even for the most necessary. Therefore, children and workers hope for people who are not indifferent and will be happy with everything: fruits, juices, diapers, diapers, personal hygiene