Stress and its consequences for the oral cavity

War in the East of Ukraine, instability in the state, in the news some accidents, murders and theft. At work, he does not pay his salary on time, constant conflicts with his superiors and misunderstandings with his colleagues. At home – a wife and children who need a tablet, phone and a fur coat. And how is it not that you do not get nervous, but do not go crazy at all?

But we all understand that the problems – problems, and most importantly for the human health. It’s no secret what harm stress and depression cause our body, but few people know about the effects of stress to the teeth and gums.

In Switzerland, an experiment was conducted: scientists divided students from one of the universities into two groups. Some of them studied diligently and prepared for difficult exams, others simply attended lectures. At the end of the month, the students, the first group, who studied hard and experienced stress before the exam, the doctors found the diseases of the oral cavity and inflammation of the gums. Strayed from stress, students have completely preserved their health.

Diseases of the oral cavity caused by stress:

Caries. During depression, a person does not pay due attention to oral hygiene. We do not clean teeth so thoroughly, or at all we stop. Due to poor hygiene, or even lack of hygiene, teeth begin to affect caries.

Periodontitis. In stressful situations, the human body produces a stress hormone called cortisol. A high level of this substance provokes the development of inflammation in the periodontium – a complex of tissues that surround the tooth and ensure its fixation in the jaw. Symptoms of periodontal disease – pain, inflammation and bleeding gums, bad breath.

Bruxism. During stress, people often tighten their jaws until they grind. Often this happens at night, and people themselves can not control this disease. Bruxism leads to the erasure of enamel. Syndrome of burning mouth. A prolonged depression, strong feelings and stress can provoke a “burning mouth syndrome”. During this disease a person feels itching and burning on the gums, the sky and the tongue.

Xerostomia. Sometimes people take special medications to overcome stress and depression. Often, medications cause chronic dryness in the mouth, and a person feels some discomfort.Colds on the lips. Herpes simplex virus is present in every human body. But it is activated only when the body is weakened, including stress, experience, depression or lack of sleep. In the form of bubbles filled with water, the herpes appears on the lips and around the mouth.Ctomatitis. Small white or gray ulcers on the inside of the cheeks are a stomatitis. Often it is the result of a lot of stress or experience. To somehow cope with stress, many start smoking, drinking alcohol and eating problems with sweets. As a result – caries, darkening of tooth enamel, yellow spots on the teeth, bad breath

At a time when you experience stress and depression, remember – black band pass, but return the dental health – it is not so easy. Do not forget to take good care of your teeth and yasnami, and at least twice a year visit the dentist. Timely inspection of the oral cavity and professional teeth cleaning – will save you from many problems.