«Suhasna Semeyna Stomatologia» helps children from the shelter

The boys and girls from the shelter “Warm House” will soon have a brand new tennis table! They have dreamed of such a gift for a long time. In the “Cherkassy Regional Center for Socio–Psychological Rehabilitation of Children” there is a good sports hall, but there is absolutely no equipment. With 4 simulators – one in the normal state. Therefore, before June 1 (Children’s Day), on the initiative of the head physician of the «Suasnoi Semeynoy Stomatology» Vladimir Akhramchuk, a part of the funds that patients spend for treatment in the clinic, the doctor and his team postpone on sports equipment for these children.

«Warm House» is a institution for the social protection of children who have fallen into difficult life circumstances: become participants or witnesses of violence, for orphans and children deprived of parental care. The age of children who come to us is from three to eighteen. Our institution provides comprehensive assistance – psychological, pedagogical, medical, legal, etc. Today our center is overcrowded. The facility is designed for 50 children, and now there are 56 boys and girls here», says Miroslava Bondar, director of the «Warm Home».

According to the head of the school, children need clothes, shoes, personal hygiene items, they need stationery and sports equipment. «The state allocates money, but they are not enough even for the most necessary things. In our room there is a gym. Repair is done there and we would like to equip the hall with a tennis table and some simulators.

I want children to have the opportunity to play sports and to know that they are taken care of and are doing everything possible to develop them», says Miroslava Ilkivna.

Director of «Warm Home» gave us a tour of the center and introduced her to the children. Cozy rooms, courteous educators and beautiful children. Boys and girls tell each other how they spend the day and what they like to do:

“We wake up, brush our teeth, eat, do exercises, and then draw and walk. And today at lunch we will go to the cartoons in «Khreshchatyk City», – says 6year old Artem.

I like to walk outside on a new site. Ride on the swing and slide down the hill. And my mother will soon buy a new doll. (Angelina, 6 years old)

I like to dance and play in the game. In the gaming we have dolls, strollers, cribs, odalka and a pillow, and there is a swing for the dolls. (Diana, 7 years old)

And I like robots and a designer. And on the street we were made square and we play ball – football and basketball. When we play football, I always stand on the gate. (Dima, 7 years old)

Vladimir Akhramchuk, the head physician of «Sushayasnoi Semeynoi Stomatologii» assures that he and his team will conduct similar actions in Cherkassy. «We have a lot of people and children who need help. Of course, we can not help everyone. But with the help of the Charkassians who will be treated at us – everything is real», – says the head doctor of the clinic.

Student Ekaterina Bolotova says that she likes «Suhsana Semeyna Stomatology», because here not only good service and quality treatment, but also there is an opportunity to help children. «I advise this clinic to all friends and acquaintances – here you combine useful with pleasant: you are treated and realize someone’s dream», says Katya.