Teeth whitening: debunking common myths

Teeth whitening is an esthetic dental procedure that has become popular in the Ukrainian market not so long ago. The procedure was overgrown with a whole bunch of myths and legends, since previously we could only dream of creating a truly white-toothed smile like the screen stars and, accordingly, did not have enough information about the novelty. We propose you to dispel the most popular of them and, perhaps, look at teeth whitening from a different point of view.


In fact, teeth whitening in terms of danger is the same as dyeing hair. Of course, there is some influence, but why does the hairdressing procedure not seem so scary? While changing the color of teeth, the technology is aimed at bleaching the pigment, hence the enamel can not suffer. The only danger is the possibility of side effects in the form of hypersensitivity or inflammation. But, of course, all these troubles should be minimized in advance by a qualified responsible dentist.


Before the procedure itself, professional brushing of teeth should be done so that the bleaching is directed to the pigment, and not to the plaque. It is at this stage that you may feel some discomfort or pain. The bleaching itself is absolutely painless.

Snow-White Smile

Scientists have proved that the natural ideal white color of enamel is an extremely rare phenomenon. With the help of whitening, teeth can be whitened up to 8 tones. Snow-white smile can have even those patients who are naturally yellow teeth.

Eternal Effect

The duration of the procedure largely depends on habits, attentiveness, personal hygiene, lifestyle of the patient. The fact remains that over time teeth grow dull due to the use of coffee and wine, juices, products with strong coloring properties. Three whales in the preservation of the effect of whitening are – the rejection of bad habits, a healthy lifestyle and proper care of the oral cavity.

Therefore, do not be afraid to try something new and even carry out childhood dreams because of stupid stereotypes – sometimes myths are just the fruits of superficial knowledge about the problem and misinformation.

In «Suhachniy Semei stomatologii» we use the new most effective and safe method of bleaching, which is used in the USA.

Eco-scaling, which we offer our patients:

The most safe and effective;

does not damage tooth enamel;

whitens teeth to several tones, and not just returns natural whiteness;

does not affect the strength and sensitivity of teeth;

whitens even yellowish teeth;

has no side effects;

has a long-term effect;

gives an immediate result: after 2:00 after the procedure your teeth; will become snow-white;

It does not require special care;

the procedure is absolutely painless!