Teeth whitening: doctor’s recommendations and patient reviews

Beautiful teeth and snow-white smile – it’s beautiful and fashionable! To date, one of the most common aesthetic procedures is teeth whitening. And if once the myths spread about bleaching, that it is something harmful and ineffective, now – only positive feedback from both doctors and patients themselves.
To better understand what bleaching is and how the procedure is going on – we talked with the doctor of the «Suasnoi Semeynoi Stomatology» Yulia Kuchinskaya.
Professional teeth whitening is the lighting of teeth for several tones. A special gel is applied to the teeth, which supersedes the dark pigment.

Causes of darkening of the teeth:

Internal – excess fluoride, tooth damage or darkening, caused by the natural aging process.
Superficial – dyeing of teeth with tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco.
In stomatologii» we perform tooth whitening painlessly and very quickly. The patient is preliminarily determining the color of the teeth in order to then compare the result of «Before» and «After». After that, we have an eco-bleaching gel. The patient is sitting in a chair resting and watching movies. The procedure for applying the gel is carried out three times and gives an instant result. 2 hours after the procedure your teeth will be perfectly white! The effect after bleaching is three years!
According to Yulia Kuchinskaya, during the procedure the doctor selects the safest components for both teeth whitening and for the body as a whole. That is why the procedure was called Eco-bleaching. It is the most safe and effective, does not damage the tooth enamel, does not affect the sensitivity of the teeth. The procedure is absolutely painless.
After bleaching, the doctor advises:
1) Brush your teeth twice a day;
2) use a high-quality toothbrush and paste;
3) use floss (dental floss)
4) visit the dentist twice a year.
«Teeth whitening is an excellent opportunity to quickly get a snow-white smile without damage to the teeth. And if you adhere to simple recommendations for the care of bleached teeth, then your new smile will please you and those around you for quite a long time», – says Julia Kuchinskaya.


Since childhood, I complexed about my teeth, namely because of their color. And I decided to change something only before moving to the big city, when I entered the university. The future profession with which I want to connect my life is journalism, and there accordingly the smile plays an important role, so that people pay more attention to you, trusted and of course that it is more beautiful for the camera. After the bleaching procedure, my life changed: I stopped complexing, I became more confident, I’m not afraid to smile. I became more open.
It’s important for me to communicate with people at work and with friends. I used to be very complex because of the color of my teeth. After the bleaching procedure, my smile suits me 100%. I easily and comfortably communicate with people. I just smile and enjoy life.