The doctor «Sushayasnoi Semeynoi Stomatologii» taught schoolchildren to clean teeth

«And what brush is better for brushing your teeth – electronic or simple?», «If the tooth swings and it is pulled out. What will happen?», «And if caries are on one tooth, can others get infected from it», «And if you put braces and one bracket fell off, and you swallowed it, then what to do?». Such interesting questions students of the 3rd class just fell asleep to our doctor Julia Kuchinsky during an open lesson.

Doctor of the «Suasnoi Semeynoi Stomatology» Julia Kuchinskaya visited the Cherkassy Specialized School No. 17. The doctor told the students how to properly care for the teeth, so that they do not hurt. Has told, that such caries, a tooth enamel, has shown on a phantom how correctly to clean teeth.

35 boys and girls listened to the doctor with delight. And after the speech of Yulia Nikolaevna, each of them in a race shared their «tooth» history. «And my cord was very sick with a tooth, and I was taken to a doctor, and the doctor tore it out to me», says the blond third-grading student. «And I had a dairy tooth, and one more began to grow from the side. The teeth were like a shark in two rows», her neighbor says. «And my friend almost knocked out the tooth with a ball», interrupts the boy from the last desk.

The doctor listened to all the students, answered a number of their questions. The children shouted in unison that they would also become dentists in the future, and one daredevil invited Yulia Nikolaevna to treat her teeth only in her future. Schoolchildren with pleasure «cleaned the teeth of the rekavichke» and did it right, as the dentist told them and showed them.

Julia Kuchinskaya recalled that the teeth should be cleaned carefully and at least twice a day: after breakfast and before going to bed. She said that you do not have to wait for the tooth to get sick and then go to the dentist you should visit the dental clinic twice a year for preventive examination. Schoolchildren promised that during the summer holidays they will come to the dentist to make sure that everything is fine with their teeth. At the end of the lesson, the doctor distributed a memorandum to the pupils about how to care for the teeth, business cards of the clinic and branded chewing gum.

Vladimir Akhramchuk, the head doctor of
«Sushayasnoi Semeynoi Stomatologii»
assures that the doctors of the clinic will continue to conduct similar events in schools. «It is very important to teach people from childhood to properly care for the oral cavity, so that in the future they have no problems with their teeth. And it is better to allocate more time for prophylaxis, than then to treat something», the doctor speaks.