Lucy Hobbs – The first woman dentist

Wonder! Absurdity! A female dentist – is this possible? A woman has to please her husband and children vyhovuty. Work, much less treated only with men! Such thoughts were once among the population. But 150 years ago, found a daredevil who forever destroyed this stereotype.

American Lucy Hobbs, 1833 born worked as a teacher. But after a 10-year career at the school decided to radically change lives and become a doctor. Lucy moved from Michigan to Cincinnati and tried to join the Institute of Dentistry, but failed. Because it is a female, its documents there was not even looking. This school taught exclusively by men. Lucy Hobbs But it did not stop. She had a purpose, and it persists it going.

Persistent American began to study the theory, helped her education professor at the College of Dental Surgery. Mastered theory, Lucy took on practice. In 1861 she opened her own clinic in Ohio, and only after four years of continuous hard work and she received official recognition. In 1865, she was allowed to study at the College of Dental Surgery, and the following year she became a certified specialist. Her work recognized male professionals, and she became a member of the Dental community. Soon Lucy received a doctoral degree.

After her husband’s death, he was also a dentist, she left medicine. It actively partici in social activities, and fought for the rights of women. And in 1900, about a thousand women received dental education.

The American Association of Women Dentists pyshayas his mentor, founded the Prize Lucy Hobbs Taylor. This prize is awarded annually to women dentists who could not prove their professional skills, as well as those who are working to advance women in dentistry.

Люси Хоббс - первая женщина стоматолог

Lucy Hobbs

Lucy Hobbs Taylor